Nat and I were up early yesterday morning. Off to Hamilton for my annual check-up at St. Joseph’s. As usual it was a long day – the hour and a half drive up, the sitting around waiting for an hour for my appointment and the other hour and a half drive home! The long wait for my appointment was a little unexpected this time (we’re usually waiting about 20 minutes or so), but 2009 saw St. Joseph’s doing 99 transplants!! Whew, how great is that!!!! So we understood why the long delay. They were seeing much more patients for follow-ups than usual. But that’s a good thing, and we were willing to get  numb bums because of it!!!! My new little kidney was the least of my worries this time around, so we caught the Doc  up on my adventurous 2009, gave him a hug and we were off.

Neglecting to get matching bath mats for our new towels, we decided to head on up to Limeridge Mall and take a quick look at The Bay to see if they still had some. Nope – wasn’t in the cards – and with that we headed down the road to grab a bite to eat. We were starving, as it was well past our usual lunch time.

Once home and in the door we decided to double check the phone lines. It had been a wild and windy day and we had left them all disconnected while we were away, just in case!! Things have been a little too strange around this place and we weren’t taking any chances. So out of curiosity we reconnected every phone to see if things were still the same. Three guesses!!! The bloody things were back to normal. Not being too sure what steps to take next, we called Bell Canada again. Apparently they had already tested the lines and nothing happened, so they were still going to come around and check the outside lines. We left things as they were – better safe than sorry.

Shortly after 6:00 PM the technician was in the drive. Nat went out to let him know what had happened and he was very aware of this “calling emergency services” before. As luck would have it there was a “short” in the line and he would have to climb the pole to rec-connect to a good line. (“Luck” only because it wouldn’t be on our tab.) By this time darkness had descended upon us and the wind was howling around and down Dominion Road like crazy. You had to be a brave soul to climb any pole in that kind of weather. He called as soon as the line was reconnected and we were good to go again. Phone service and no more funny business!!

Nat and I both agreed that it was kind of strange not having phone service overnight. We knew the cell phone was left on, but it’s just not the same. We had only informed family to use the cell phone but you never knew who might want to reach you during the night, even though you don’t wish for such calls. But ring-a-ding-ding, our phones are working again, so call us anytime ’cause we’re here!!

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