Nothing Days And Nothing Nights

As January’s go, this one has been one of the quietest in years. Usually we’re running hither and yon for appointments (usually medical and for moi), so we’ll count our blessings that this January only has 2 appointments in them. Again, both concerning me, but checkups only and after what I’ve been through in 2009 these checkups had better be good or I’ll scream to high heaven!!! We’ll not rock the boat and hopefully the peaceful, stabilized day-to-day goings’ on will continue.

The most excitement this past week has been Nat’s dissatisfaction with a new rim from Canadian Tire. Unknowingly they installed what is called an “After Market” rim (otherwise a “No Name” product). Once installed it was discovered that the hub cap would not fit properly and the air valve was out of place. Not realizing what had happened, Nat had to consent to the mechanic drilling another hole in the hub cap to accommodate the air valve, as the tire was already on the rim. Within the first day Nat knew something just wasn’t right, so he headed back to the store and confronted the Manager wherein it was explained to him what these “After Market” rims were all about. However, if Nat had known in the first place he would have agreed to get a proper GM Uplander rim from the wreckers or even the dealer. The Manager agreed to re-install the new rim if we were willing to find one – which is exactly what we did – and within the next day the new rim was on, the hub cap fit perfectly and we were on our way. Problem solved!

This was our first experience with Miller’s Auto Recycle in Fort Erie, and what a great experience it was. This place is huge – 45 acres – well-organized and top-notch service. After consulting their computer inventory, we had our rim within 5 minutes and at a great price – well under $100.00, as opposed to $298.00 from the dealer!! Nat even took the time to get our old original rim back from Canadian Tire and left it with Miller’s as a “swap”. Nat agreed this was a great place to keep in mind should something else be required for the Van – God forbid!!

Thursday saw Nat and I headed into Niagara Falls to the Mandarin for lunch, using the gift card we received at Christmas from the kids. With full bellies we then headed into Niagara-On-the-Lake for a leisurely walk-about. Nat wanted to look at caps again and I could make the trip worthwhile by getting a candy apple at the sweet shop. Guess this wasn’t our day. The hat shop was closed for the day and the sweet shop was out of candy apples! To ease our pain we headed over to the Scottish Loft and bought some Scottish biscuits for Nat and some dark chocolate Bounty bars for me. Yummmmm!! With that we headed home and nestled in to watch the hockey game that evening. A nothing sort of day but oh so good going down!!!

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