Cold Noses, Warm Hearts!

Thursday morning saw us both up early and on the road to Hamilton. We decided it was a good time to go with the roads relatively clear and we would make a day of it. We headed for Lowe’s first to check out what they had in ready-made countertops. Nat is in the final stages of painting the trim and doors and will soon be ready to instal the countertop over the washer and dryer. We’ll then start looking at cabinets for above which can be installed at a later date. I’m frankly excited about the whole thing – go figure!! But I’ve never had a “finished” laundry area before and this is going to be a real treat. At the age of 60 doing laundry can be a tiresome chore and I welcome anything at this stage of my life that make’s it easier. With luck on our side, we found the perfect one to match the floor tiles and on sale to boot!!!! Damn, so far January is turning out pretty good!!!!

We tucked the countertop under our arms and headed up the mountain to Limeridge Mall. Well, we actually put the countertop on a buggy and hauled it to the van, but you get the drift!! We headed to The Bay looking for some new bath towels and a couple of accessories and with more luck found a couple of great sets, and again on sale!

After arriving home we had a call in to our investment guy. Had a couple of questions now that Nat has turned 71 – that R.I.F. thing!! Our queries were answered along with a bonus piece of information. We may have a little extra money to take that trip to England and Scotland next year. One of those things where patience paid off in spades!!! Hot damn, we’re on a roll!!!!

With bells on our toes and rings in our ears, we awoke Saturday morning feeling better about things. So we settled into our usual routine of getting groceries in the AM and settling down for a quiet afternoon while watching the snow fall gently from the sky and whiten our little patch of heaven.  (Not bad, I just made that up as I was writing).

This morning (Sunday) Nat awoke around 1:45 to a ‘cllunk’. Not sure what it was exactly (we have all kinds of strange sounds emitting from around this house, including Deer wandering through the backyard), he fell back asleep. Getting closer to 6:00 or 7:00 AM we both felt our noses getting colder. Didn’t hear the heat kick in at 7:30 either. Hmmmmm! Nat knew something was up and so he was out of bed to check things out. Me? Well, I just snuggle even further under the duvet but couldn’t get my nose to warm up! My body from the neck down was snug as a bug in a rug, but the old nose was getting colder. I heard Nat rustling around in the hallway and up and down the stairs. I knew in my heart of heats, something had happened to the heating. It wasn’t kicking in. God, here we go!!! I was up and out of bed to get dressed in layers, as fast as I could. Nat was playing with the thermostat and sure enough, the furnace wasn’t getting any oxygen to kick in. He checked everything he knew how to check, but to no avail. We placed an emergency call to our furnace guys and they’d send someone out between 11:00 and 1:00. We could make do with the fireplace in the living room, but it was going to be a long, cold morning.

Out of curiosity and after speaking with the repair guy, Nat decided to bundle up and head outside to check the furnace pipes venting outside. What to our disbelief a whole whack of snow had nestled itself up into the ‘intake’ pipe and was starting to freeze a bit thus cutting off the oxygen to the furnace. Despite the fact that Nat keeps that area around the pipes really clean, we could only suppose with the cold, blowing snow around the eaves and down the side of the house, some of it managed to get sucked up into the pipes. After clearing it all out we were up and running and into heat again, all before 9:00 AM. Our morning was back on track. Makes you wonder how long this good luck spell is going to last!!!!

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