Happy, Healthy 2010??

Christmas Eve day saw Nat and I doing final preparations, like wrapping up the two Bell satellite receivers. With the empty box being delivered in the mail, we knew the sooner we packed the receivers up, the sooner they’d be gone. It was also apparent that Ma Bell thought we only had one receiver instead of two. With a little luck, a bit of bubble wrap, and a bit of duct tape, we managed to get both receivers in the box. They’ll be shipped out as soon as Christmas is over. After wrapping our parcel, we focused on getting together the cookie platters and gift tins for that evening’s party at Claudia’s.

The Christmas Eve party was great fun. Clair and Phoebe were down this way for the holidays and we certainly enjoyed seeing them. They’d be picking up Dalton at the airport on Boxing Day and then driving home to celebrate a second Christmas in Sudbury. Sounded like double the fun!! The food was great and the conversations lively, to say the least. It was also challenging to resist not grabbing a jelly bean or two everytime you passed through to the kitchen. Little sweets and goodies were found in all kinds of nooks. Always a treat at Claudia’s.

Christmas morning we were up with the birds and out the door by 8:00 to Laura’s. We’d be doing our usual rounds to see all of the grandkids – first to Niagara Falls and then to Thorold. Despite the bad marital news this past year, Christmas morning at the Revill home was (or seemed) normal. Like old times, everyone was gathered in the family room around the fire, as they opened their gifts and the kids’ were happy with everything they received. We left for Thorold around 10:30 and as always, Felicia and Bridget were excited about their gifts, too. With a new iPod Touch for Felicia, and the new DS for Bridget they were spread out on the living room rug in tech heaven!!

We arrived home around 1:30 pm, kinda hungry, so we grabbed a small bite to eat and immediately thereafter began peeling potatos to take to the Irwins’ for Christmas supper. Once the mashed potatos were ready we were off again and headed back to St. Catharines. With all things “Rouse with their spouses”, the meal was delicious, the family chatter lively and boisterous and the kids excited to play with their new goodies. Again, Nat and I enjoyed ourselves and couldn’t have asked for more. However, exhausted, we arrived home shortly after 10:00 pm and snuggled by the fire before heading to bed. We, too, were happy with our Christmas gift to each other – a brand new bathroom!!

Boxing Day was literally spent doing absolutely nothing. I guess I exaggerate a bit, as Nat did finish off painting the bathroom doors and I watched cooking shows all day. When Nat was finished we settled in and finished off the crosswords while keeping our eyes on the telly. What great fun!!

Sunday saw us putting up the brand new mirror for the bathroom. It had arrived early and because of its weight we decided to hang it up when all was quiet and settled. After making a template we knew exactly where it was going to go and surprisingly enough the whole hanging process went pretty well. It’s just that finishing touch that now makes the room. Once that chore was accomplished we headed into Fort Erie for some birthday cards for 2010. I like to get a bit of a stash going so I’m prepared for most of the year. The snow was now falling lightly and looking more and more like a Christmas card, and with that we settled in for another evening of peace and tranquility.

With the arrival of Monday morning we drove into Niagara Falls. Nat’s birthday is coming up just after New Years and we’ll be having the kids over for brunch that morning, so provisions were needed. We picked up quite a few items that would get us started and we’d finish off getting the salad, fresh fruit and deli items on Thursday. Looking forward to see the kids again. Christmas time seemed to be like a “sneak preview”, as we didn’t get to see them long, but the time we had was great. With all things ‘medical’ behind us in 2009, we’ll hope, pray, cross our fingers, cross our toes and hope like hell 2010 is healthy, wealthy and wise!!!

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