Ho, Ho, Ho, We’re Done!

For the first time in our marriage, Nat and I finished our Christmas shopping 2 days before the big day! In other years, we’ve been organized, money wasn’t necessarily a huge issue and time was our friend. This year, with the bathroom renovations only being completed mid-to late-December, we were pressed for shopping time, ideas and money!! We managed, however, to purchase the last gift this afternoon while in St. Catharines to pick up our new mirror for the bathroom. Only one more item to be picked up when ready, and that’s the new blind for the bath, and we’ve been advised that should arrive immediately after Christmas. Nat’s hoping to hang the new mirror right after Christmas after he’s finished painting the doors.

As stated, we headed into St. Catharines this afternoon to pick up the new mirror – which is gorgeous if I do say so myself!! – visit our good friends and former neighbours, the Bartletts, to wish them a Merry Christmas, and pick up one last gift before heading home. We were more than pleased with how the mirror turned out and even the company we ordered it from remarked how well it turned out. They told us there wasn’t much call for a smokey gray glass background and even they were pleased with the results. Sounds like we might have started a trend!!

Tomorrow will see us wrapping that final gift, putting the goody tins together for Christmas Eve and dinner, along with (we hope) greeting our new-found plumber friend to see where the hell that one little drop of water is coming from under the new sink. He’s one busy man closing up cottages for the winter, along with a boiler that blew up, so we’re hoping he can find 5 minutes for us before Christmas. It’s a small job, it’s a nuisance job and we can certainly get through the holidays without it being fixed, but for peace of mind in the future and before paying our final bill to Simon, we’d like the matter cleaned up.

May not get to doing any more postings between now and Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas and let’s hope 2010 is free of doctors, nurses, emergency wards and hospitals – except for those requisite check-ups!!

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