Early To Rise For Olympic Torch

With a little excitement, Nat and I headed down to Fort Erie early this morning. The Olympic Torch was being carried down this way and we wanted to see it. For the first time in our lives we’d be able to see something related to the Olympic Games in person and we didn’t want to miss that opportunity. We drove down early and parked where we knew we would have a good vantage point. It wasn’t long after that the caravan began to head up from Central Avenue and down Garrison Road towards Concession. We were a little confused at first. The Olympic Van had dropped off the last runner and we thought the party was over, thinking that he had already done his leg of the journey. We soon realized he was about to run the last leg and, it wasn’t long after he was dropped off that the previous runner was approaching. It was thrilling to see and with the crowd applauding, the runner passed the flame on to the last person to complete the course. We were glad we were there to cheer everyone on. Go Canada!!

After our Olympic experience, we had a couple of final Christmas errands to run and we then headed on home to complete the painting in the bathroom. Nat finally finished painting the ceiling and has now (as of this posting) completed painting the trim. The last leg of Nat’s journey is painting the bathroom doors and he can then stand on the podium and take his gold for a job well done!! We’re now finally finished, except for one more little plumbing adjustment (we hope!!!) and we can finally get back to our routine. This whole process wasn’t as bad as some renovations, I’m sure, but for us it was a new experience and not a bad one at that!

Since converting to cable from satellite, it’s been a time-consuming job to inform everyone of our new email address, but I think we’ve informed family, friends and web accounts of where we can now be found. With the old brain cells not being as ‘in tact’ as they use to be, I can only hope that my list has been completed. If someone can’t find us, I guess they’ll just have to use good old Canada Post!!

Nat and I still have to remind ourselves that Christmas is only 4 days away, but at least now we’re ready to enjoy the holidays, so Merry Christmas to us and let’s hope that 2010 is a little more uneventful than 2009!!!!

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