Renos Done – Well, Not Quite

Sunday was relatively quiet. Another one of those days where nothing could get done, nothing was done, boredom set in, crosswords were somewhat completed, and frustration was being felt within these walls. We were both glad to see Monday morning arrive, along with Simon and one of his helpers. While they put on the finishing touches to the bathroom, Nat and I had an appointment to get our health cards renewed, so we left the two men to do their thing. When we returned the job was done and Simon had cleaned up as if no one had been there. The bathroom looks fabulous – except we have no use of the sink yet – no faucet! We knew the plumber was due to arrive Tuesday and we could wait at least one more day.

Tuesday was about the only thing that arrived, as the plumber was a no show. We stayed in, we waited, we tried to remain calm. We were informed later that evening by Simon that his plumber had a boiler burst and was on an emergency call. He was upset that his guy hadn’t called us to let us know, but we understood. His ‘guy’ would show up Thursday morning and get the job done for sure.

Sure enough, Bart, the plumber, and his helper, showed up early Thursday morning. The job turned out to be a little tricky (a brand name of faucet that he’d never worked with), but the job was done and within time. We were due to leave for several appointments in St. Catharines by 10:30 am., including my semi-annual check-up at Hotel Dieu. We also figured we’d get a couple more errands accomplished while in town and knew we’d be gone the rest of the day.

My check-up was pretty much one of the best one’s I’ve had in quite some time. My ‘good’ cholesterol is perfect, my ‘bad’ cholesterol is really low (again, perfect), my creatinine level was perfect, my blood pressure was perfect, and my Doctor calculated that my chances of a heart attack or stroke are now in the low 3% range!! Hot damn, can’t get much better than that!!! So I guess I’m good to go for another 40 years, barring no unforeseen kinks in the road!!!!

One of our other errands was to check out mirrors for the new bathroom. We found a couple of good options and before making a final decision, we headed over to Bonnie’s. We had some items to drop off at her place and while doing that we figured we get her advice on the mirror.  Well, she came through like a charm and taking her advice we headed back to R. Fleming’s Glass shop to place our final order. We’re now anxious for it’s completion, but may not get the same until after Christmas. What the hell, we both think it’s going to be worth the wait!!! We headed home, ordered pizza and wings for pick-up along the way and settled in for the evening. Ahh, a good day all round, at last.

As anxious as I was to get all of our toiletries put away in the new vanity, I was deterred by one small problem. We discovered a small (very small) drip under the sink. Nat pretty much knew where it was coming from and was hesitant to fix the same because of its location under the new vanity top. We called Simon and arranged for Bart to return to check it out. We would be home all day Friday waiting for the cable guy to arrive and switch us over from satellite, so Bart was free to come by anytime he wanted.

When Friday morning arrived, Bart was right on time. He tightened up where the leak was coming from to the best of his ability. Not wanting to do any damage to the vanity top by tightening too hard, he advised that if it still leaked he would return to re-install the faucet. Three guesses!! Yupper – it still leaked – only a little bit less this time!! Another call was put in and Bart should return Saturday morning. Once Bart had left it was only another hour before the cable guy showed. He wasn’t here long and the job seemed relatively easy. But with all things “Nat and Twila” the results were “iffy”. Turns out we were ill-informed about all of the hi-def channels we could get. When some of them weren’t loading a call was put in and we were informed that certain hi-def channels weren’t available yet in this area – Leafs TV and Global being two of several!!! The cable guys are working on it, along with upgrading (where have I heard that story before!!!) and we should get most of the hi-def channels “soon”!!!! God, here we go again!!!!! If the cable and satellite guys want to win this war with the “Networks” then they’d better get their act together!! But we won’t go there just yet!!!!

So!! It’s now Friday night, Nat’s watching the hockey game on a none hi-def station, and I’m getting organized to inform everyone of our new email address. I’m truly hopeful that one of these days I’ll get our stuff organized in the new vanity, instead of laying on top of the washer and dryer waiting for the drip to get fixed, get the cable and internet sorted out, and back to our little quiet life and routine. Oh, God, I forgot!!! It’s December – Christmas is seven days away!!!! Would you believe, for the first time in eons (and I do mean “eons”) my gifts are NOT wrapped??? Egad!!! There goes this next week!!!!

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