Renos – Days 11 And 12

Friday saw Simon finishing the drywalling and sanding. He’ll return Monday to install the vanity, put up the trim and his plumber buddy should hook up the taps and, along with Simon, help to return the washer and dryer to their little nook. I’m thinking we’re so close to being finished we could spit. Only literally!!

This morning saw Nat up early with the birds to get ready for the final painting. I headed down the road for groceries and would return to paint the trim to get ready for Monday. For the first time since we’ve moved in I saw my first deer run across the road about 50 feet from the van. By the looks of things he was meeting up with his buddy waiting on the other side by the edge of the small forest that lines that part of Dominion Road. For some strange reason, seeing the deer put a smile on my face. It was just nice!

Taking a break at noon hour for lunch and a quick trip to Wal-Mart for more primer and trim brushes, Nat and I ran into our neighbour, John. He was asking if we heard that loud thump early Friday morning. Apparently another tree decided to break it’s bond with the earth and come tumbling to the ground in our neighbours’ yard two doors down!! Even the police decided to get in on the action and closed our road for safety sake. Not hearing a thing we were taken aback, despite the fact Nat said some sort of noise did wake him up but he dismissed it and fell back asleep. Me, on the other hand, slept through everything. When you’re tired, you’re tired!!

Our most excitement during the God-awful wind storm was a couple of nuisance calls and a very young Kenyan girl knocking on our door. All bundled in her big puffy coat with hood and scarf, she said she wasn’t selling anything (and we all know that’s questionable), but before she could start her spiel we advised we had no interest and away she went. We can only suppose she got blown around in that wind storm because she returned about an hour later!! Must have had a “Dorothy from Kansas” experience!!!

When returning from groceries Nat was well underway in the painting department. Getting a second coat of primer on was required, so I pitched in and masked off the area around the new shower surround to make his job easier. I then headed downstairs to put a coat of primer on the trim pieces. Now, I don’t paint much, but being a neat freak I like to think painting trim can be a relatively easy job! Right? The trim was neatly laid across a couple of saw horses and with a small tapered brush in hand I dipped into the paint can and brushed away. Using my hands I could lift the trim from underneath in order to get the top edges, but for some reason more paint landed on my fingers and nails than should have. I could watch myself literally painting the tops of the trim and my fingers at the same time. My brain just wouldn’t kick in fast enough to tell my hand to bloody well move!!!! Oh well, my hands at least will be proof for a few days that I have had a hand in the renovations!!!

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