The Renos – Day 10

By the time Simon showed up, Nat and I were well on our way to being bored. The previous night was a rough one for the two of us – the winds were blowing and howling around this little house like we’ve never seen before. The little umbrella tree out front was bending and twisting in the wind, along with the bird feeder out back, which was now bent over like a crooked old man (and that’s on a steel pole!). The snow was blowing and dancing down the street along with the wind, and from what we could tell, it all blew down Fort Erie and Buffalo way. Our little hamlet has a good dusting but not enough to deter activities.

As Simon worked away, pretty much on his own this time, we tried our damndest to fill the hours. I finished a project while Nat hovered over Simon now and again chit chatting away. I’m sure Simon was wishing Nat would go away and leave him to his job, but being the nice chap he is, he understood Nat’s dilemma – too windy outdoors, too quiet indoors! So as Simon finished the drywalling, flooring and installation of the shower doors, we knew he was a great worker and were glad we found such a good contractor. Aside from being neat, tidy and conscientious, he knows his craft, has a good sense of humour and works well with everyone. Along with our generator guy, this is another man’s business card we’ll keep close at hand!!

Now that the bathroom is taking shape – the shower surround and toilet installed, the laundry area painted and the flooring now finished – we see a huge difference and am more than pleased with our choices. Using the downstairs bathroom (the ‘dungeon’ as we like to call it) is getting less and less and our tolerance is improving.

Today should see Simon and his plumber back to finish the hook-ups for the taps, the sanding of drywall and any last touches before they return on Monday to actually install the vanity. Yeeeaaahhh!!!

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