Renos – Days 8 And 9

After Simon and his crew left on Monday afternoon, Nat had a good chance to get into the laundry area to paint. That was one chore he wanted to get done while the washer and dryer were out and he could get in-behind. So he grabbed paint brush, roller, paint pan, ladder, masking tape and the like and went to town right after his supper. Even though it was a small area, it still took him a couple of hours, but we can now say that a quarter of the painting is done.

Tuesday morning was relatively quiet. We knew the plumber was showing sometime in the P.M., so we stayed home and waited. He showed early afternoon and naturally things didn’t go easy for him. Then, again, what does when it comes to renovations. The problems were minor, but nuisances and after Simon showed up the two lads got the job done. I must say, however, that they did a mighty fine job. It may only be a shower surround unit, but it’s “new” for us and with the fixtures we picked out, it looks great!!

The boys arrived again this morning around 8:30 and managed to get the drywalling around the shower done, along with getting more floor tiles organized and ready for laying on Thursday. Their job was finished before noon hour, so Nat and I decided to head over to Home Depot in Niagara Falls and have a second look at towel bars, tissue holders and even blinds for the window. We found a couple of styles we liked in the accessories and took notes. As for the window blinds, we’ve decided to look around. We know what we want and we really want to do it right, so we’ll check with a couple of pros – even though it’s only a 24 x 36 inch window!! We really want this bathroom to look right!

Despite the fact that a lot of the household chores are getting neglected because of the renovations, I’ve managed to get some Christmas baking done and I seem to be in pretty good shape. I’ll continue on and maybe get a couple of “double” batches of cookies done for the freezer. They’ll never go to waste!! As the renovations are expected to take maybe two more days, I can accomplish a lot. I’ll do up a little Christmas package for the “crew” – they’ve all been friendly, nice, neat and hard working! A reward for a job well done!

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