The Renos – Days 5, 6 And 7

We finally received word on Friday that the shower surround was now in and would be delivered sometime late morning. Once it had actually arrived, was sitting in the garage and after inspection, we called our contractor to let him know. We assumed we wouldn’t see Simon until Monday, so we settled in for a quiet weekend.

As luck would have it, we received the balance of the kids’ Christmas lists and we decided to head into the big City (St. Catharines) on Sunday to see if we could, in fact, wipe the lists out. We were pretty sure that our shopping time would be limited during the bathroom renovations and with the Christmas shoppers already out and about in hordes, we knew we had to act as quickly as possible. Everything we went for we found and with one exception being a close call. Once arriving at the store, the shelves containing the item we were looking for were empty. Who knew!! This item wasn’t exactly a child’s toy, nor was it an electronic item, so we were confident that the shelves would be full. We were wrong!! This particular item went on sale the previous day, was apparently a good deal, and we got lucky – there were “more in the back”!!

We were also lucky in the fact that some of our Christmas shopping could be done online and we were very successful on that front, too. The convenience alone is a blessing, along with not fighting strange and rude people in the stores. So we’re now done, except for one person and we’re sure we can finish off in good time.

Once Monday arrived, Nat was on the road again, back to the big City for a doctor’s appointment and while he was gone I received the call that Simon and his crew would show up during the morning and instal the shower surround. Nat arrived home before Simon showed up, so everyone’s timing was impeccable!! The rest of the day was spent listening to men using their tools and making all kinds of noises in the bathroom!! Not to worry, the boys did a great job despite the fact that a few bumps were incurred along the way. So far the bathroom is looking great and I’m excited about the finish. I’m not even upset that my dining room is full of bathroom accessories, toiletries, racks, tissues, soap, towels and the like, along with a washer and dryer sitting in the hallway. I at least know the work is getting done and there’s an end to all of this!!


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