The Renos – Days 2, 3 And 4

Nat and I sat around for 2 days waiting to hear about delivery of the new shower surround. Being told one thing by one guy (the unit should be delivered the next day) and then being told something else by another guy (not to expect the unit for a couple of days), we knew one of us had to be at home during the day until we actually saw delivery. We took turns going out on errands and managed to fulfill Tuesday and Wednesday as best we could. We both admit, however, that tripping up and down those stairs to use the bathroom downstairs is getting to be real pain in the behind!! And yes, I know we’re only into 3 days of this whole renovation, but the old knees aren’t holding up as well as expected and along with the bathroom down there being smaller and a wee bit colder, it’s just getting to be a necessary nuisance! On the positive side, the bathroom upstairs is only a couple of hairs larger and it shouldn’t take long to renovate once Simon and his crew return.

As luck would have it we received word today that the shower unit would be delivered this morning. Nat was getting ready to go grocery shopping, while I did some more Christmas baking, and we were fortunate he hadn’t made it to the door yet. The delivery van only had the driver and it was going to take two men to get the unit loaded into the garage. For once, something went right!! We’ve now called Simon back and will wait to see when he can return for finish the job. If our luck holds up, he can return by Monday – but we’ve given him two free days and I’m sure he’s in the midst of more jobs in the interim. Again, we’ll wait!

Waking up this morning to about a half inch of snow on the ground was a shock to the system. So after the shower unit was delivered we both headed into Niagara Falls for groceries. We were getting a little house bound and were both glad to break free!! I also managed to do a couple loads of laundry before the reno crew returns and tear apart our little laundry room. And the saga continues …

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