The Renos Begin – Day 1

The crew arrived shortly before 8:30 am. Simon surveyed the area, gave his crew orders for demolition and what was going to be done. Demolition began fairly quickly and before you knew it, the bathroom was but a former shell of itself. The tub gone, the vanity gone, the toilet gone and the little accessories were ripped off the walls. Man, was I glad to see that crap go!!!!

Naturally, with all things renovation, a problem turned up once the interior walls were exposed behind the bathtub. There seemed to be a creature of some kind (and we’re surmising it was a squirrel due to the peanut shells found) that had been inside the actual walls – inbetween the siding and the insulation. The boys also found some small evidence of mould down one side of the wall. After some investigation it was concluded that there’s a problem with the exterior of that part of the house – perhaps a leak under the roof, a small hole from that bloody squirrel that got in (even though no evidence of the same from the inside) or just a leak from the siding. Simon would investigate further once the bathroom was done. So the boys cleaned up the mould they found and prepped for getting on with re-insulating the wall and creating a good moisture barrier. Mike Holmes would be proud!!

Along with the great looking pick-up trucks sitting in our driveway (Simon’s and his crew), we also had Town of Fort Erie workers starting to repair and upgrade pipes under driveways along Pleasant Avenue. When we saw the surveyors around the house a day ago, we were so hoping that they were going to repair, upgrade or just clean out the ditches along Dominion Road, and our little ditch would be cleaned up and retrenched. But alas, we had guessed wrong and our little ditch will remain igglety-pigglety for another few years, or whenever we can afford to get it cleaned up.

While the boys were working, and Nat watching, I started my Christmas baking. Shouldn’t have too much this year, as the freezer already contains a couple batches and I’ll just top those up with a couple of different varieties.

Just because we were getting confident that nothing was going wrong so far, that little brick wall popped up to remind us that nothing runs smooth whenever we’re involved. After things were well on their way, Simon and his crew discovered a crack after unwrapping the shower surround!! They knew right away that it wasn’t the result of delivery or that of the hardware store or ours’. Apparently it looked like the bolts were screwed on too tight and it cracked the seams between the 3 sections. Naturally, Nat and I were discouraged and assumed we’d have to put things on hold until a new unit could be ordered. However, after discussions with our great Home Hardware guy, a new one would be delivered to us at no charge and should be delivered from Kitchener Wednesday or Thursday!! As it also happened, the manufacturer had a delivery van in the area, had just been to our Home Hardware and our guy was able to stop him in Port Colborne, had the van turn around and pick up the cracked unit!! Can’t get much better service than that, can ‘ya!!!

As Simon and his crew cleaned up for the rest of the day – nothing they could do until the new shower surround arrived – we settled in for the rest of the afternoon feeling a little deflated. On the positive side, things were at least well on their way and we really had no other complaints – but then again, it’s early!!


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