Elvis Is Alive and In Niagara Falls

We’re now ready to start the bathroom renovations. Our contractor is scheduled to show up on Tuesday morning – or so we hope! With everything being stored in and around the house, we’re now anxious to get this thing going. Plus, as I’ve said before, I’m so ready for a new bathroom – or at least a sink sitting level in the countertop and not igglety, pigglety, as it is now!

While waiting for things to get started, Nat and I have been biding our time. It’s that “inbetween stage” where you can’t do a whole lot outdoors, not much to do indoors and the golf season is winding down and, in fact, done. Nat’s been trying hard to fill the hours. We’ve struggled some days, but others would find us looking around some area shops getting paint chips, ideas for towel bars and other accessories. We even took a day trip to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton to have a look about, came home empty-handed, but not empty-minded – a few good ideas and nothing more.

So it was a good thing that Nat and I had purchased tickets to see Stephen Kabakos at the Greg Frewin Theatre for Friday night. An Elvis impersonator who has won awards for his impersonation and Nat and I could certainly see why. At first, the day turned out to be a damp, rainy one and sitting in our easy chairs after supper we always get to thinking “do we really want to be bothered this time of night?”. Turned out there were no regrets on our part for getting out!! We knew it would do us good (we’re getting a little stagnant), we’d be entertained and we’d also see Thamazine, Daryl, Claudia, Darby and Michele there and how bad could that be??

The theatre is set up Vegas-style with tables and chairs, along with booth seating. Drinks and popcorn could be purchased while you enjoyed the show in a close-knit atmosphere. Needless to say the show was fabulous!!! I certainly had the feeling that Elvis was alive and well and performing in Niagara Falls (despite the fact that Stephen is a Milton boy). What the hell, he’s Canadian – and that’s a good thing!!!!

Before the show began, during intermission and after the show ended, Nat and I managed to chit chat with Thamazine and the others in their booth just a couple of seats over from us. The actual performance was Elvis’ best – some rock ‘n roll hits, some Christmas songs and even a gospel tune. A good range of songs, great costumes, great back-up band and singers and the night was complete! Stephen Kabakos is truly the best Elvis impersonator I’ve ever seen. His vocal range was right on, and I believe Elvis himself would be proud. It doesn’t hurt that Stephen has a great body and looks like Elvis Presley did in his 1968 Comeback Special – at the peak of his career.

After Friday night’s excitement the rest of the weekend was a bit of a let down, quiet and uneventful. Back to looking a paint chips and deciding what colour the bathroom should be was about par for the course this afternoon. I also managed to set up a few Christmas decorations and we’ve decided to forego the Christmas tree this year. Not to be Scrooges about the whole matter – but we’re not hosting any parties or dinners this year, not exchanging gifts with each other and will probably be on the road Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and evening. We’ll save ourselves the set-up, decorating and clean-up which can take a whole day each time, and maybe rethink things for 2010. Besides, we’d rather see family – his, mine and ours – on and around Christmas. We prefer that to presents anyday!


2 thoughts on “Elvis Is Alive and In Niagara Falls

    1. I was never an Elvis fan growing up, but trust me, this guy is good. Check out his web site and I think even you’ll be impressed. He’s been to Australia, so you never know, Texas could be in his future!! Best of luck in your career.

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