From Opry to Opera – Local Boy Makes Good

Awhile back Nat read an article in the Fort Erie News about a local lad that was returning to town to do a benefit concert. Tickets could be purchased from local merchants for $10.00 each and all proceeds would go towards building a new pool at the Kinsmen Park for the kids. “I’d like to see that”, he says. “Yeah, okay”, I replied, thinking how bad can it be. The article summarized his career, the numerous competitions he’d won as a youngster, along with a recording contract from Nashville and an audition for Bravo television.

Elton Lammie’s concert was Saturday mid-afternoon and much to our surprise it was great. The performance was being taped for television and aside from an electrical glitch at the beginning, the concert was most enjoyable. Mr. Lammie explains how he came into singing as a child, the contests he’d won in British Columbia (his birth province), his eventual recording contract in Nashville, right up to his Bravo audition and winning $20,000 for professional opera lessons. Sounds a bit off-beat, but trust me, this man can sing all genres!! Along with a great turnout from the good folks of Fort Erie and Ridgeway, his fans also travelled from as far away as London, Windsor, Kingston, Sudbury and beyond. Now that’s saying something about this man’s talent!

After his stint of a few country songs, he took a break and then came out with his Roy Orbison look and again, he was brilliant. If you closed your eyes you could swear Roy Orbison was in the room! He did a few Roy Orbison hits, had the audience loving it and singing right along, and then after a second intermission, he reappeared in his tuxedo along with a small orchestral trio. We were awe struck at this man’s talent. His opera arias were a treat!! Nothing over the top, just a few down tempo arias that left the audience wanting more. I love opera, Nat not so much, but even he was impressed and recognized this man’s capabilities. It was obvious why he had received a chance to do some arias with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and, in fact, one of the Orchestra’s violinists was in Mr. Lammie’s backup trio.

The whole afternoon performance was wonderful and Nat and I both felt uplifted the rest of the evening. After being in the doldrums for some time, we needed some inspiration, and Mr. Lammie provided it.

If you’re interested Elton Lammie’s web site it can be found at  –  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and may even become a fan yourself.

So after a nice evening, this morning Nat and I awoke to the usual chores. He wandered outside to take care of that year-old problem of clearing away the leaves from the eavestroughs, and I tackled the house cleaning. After a small lunch break, we continued on and once finished settled in for the rest of the afternoon. Now the rest of the week can be ours’ and ours’ alone. If only we had somewhere to go or something exciting to get up to!!!

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