A Buck Here, A Buck There …

Despite the fact that Hubby and I have been really boring of late, we’ve still managed to get a few things done. With the onset of the colder weather, we’ve become a bit complacent and lazy. No ooommph!!! So, in order to get the juices flowing again, we’ve decided to shop a little early for bathroom fixtures and accessories in anticipation of the renovations.

I’m still baffled why the new Rona store in Welland isn’t up and running yet – can only suppose it’s economic problems – as this was one of the other stores we wanted to shop, having done all the other ‘big box’ stores. Yes, there are other Rona stores around, like the big one in Grimsby, but that’s a bit out of our way and unless we have another excuse to take that trip, we’re sticking closer to home. There’s also the probability that we’ll go all the way to Grimsby and not see anything we like. The chances you take, I guess. We did, however, have a great look around the Lowe’s store in Hamilton on the day we had to go to St. Joseph’s last week. It was just as well we didn’t have any high hopes, as there was nothing on display that grabbed our fancy. As an aside, have you been to the Lowe’s store (on Barton Street)? Nice store, but their displays are worse to look at than Home Depot. All of the bath and kitchen taps, shower heads, and other doodads were so high up I got dizzy cranking my neck that far back!! Even Hubby remarked it was kind of ridiculous. Yes, it was nice that you could just choose your fixture and then grab the corresponding box on the shelves below, but picking your fixture was the trick – couldn’t see most of them as they were darn near in the rafters of the store!! You’d have to borrow one of their loading ladders to even get eyeball to eyeball with most of the display.

So, having ruled our Lowe’s, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and the like, we decided to hit some bath specialty shops. We gathered a small list of ones in Welland and Niagara Falls and headed out this morning ready to make a day of it. Our first destination was a little shop in Welland – Aqua-Blue – a nice bath, spa, shower, jacuzzi shop with great displays and lots of choices. And as luck would have it, we got lucky. Found everything we needed and different than what the big box stores had. The prices were right, the sales staff helpful and friendly and we walked away happy campers. So much for making a day of this whole thing, as we were finished by 11:00 am. So onward home, do the lunch thing, run a couple of other errands and then snuggle in for the rest of the afternoon. Being a rainy, drizzly day, it worked out just fine!

We now have most everything we need to get the bathroom done, and only have to shop for the light fixture, new towels, towel bars and paint, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. So now I’m officially excited – we’ve got this stuff and it has to go somewhere, right!!!!

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