Finally! It’s A go!

We’ve now taken a step forward that we’ve never taken before. For the first time in our marriage, we’re going to renovate using a professional!! As this new-old house had a main bathroom that was just butt ugly (pardon my phrasing) and was in dire need of remodeling we felt we couldn’t do this on on our own. The tub surround and vanity need to be removed and disposed of, and even the washer and dryer will all need to be removed before renovating – all of which are two-to-three man jobs, which Nat couldn’t do alone! We have, however, purchased certain items ahead of time, hoping to save precious contractor time, like the shower surround, the vanity, the vanity counter, the toilet and the tiles. Geez, I guess that’s about everything, isn’t it?? Besides when certain items are on sale – such as the vanity base – you’re willing to prepurchase and store for as long as it takes!!

As for hiring a contractor, we did the usual quotes after getting a great list of local pros from our ‘go to’ hardware guy at Home Hardware which we found extremely useful. We even did the Mike Holmes thing and hopefully asked the right questions, got the right answers and a written quote that we’re satisfied with. So now we sit and wait. Mid-November seems to be the target date and we’ll also be able to take advantage of the Government’s Home Renovation Program. Any money we can get back from any level of Government is rare, but always welcomed!!

This has been our excitement for the past couple of weeks. As my recovery is getting so much better, I’ve at least been able to walk about a few stores shopping for bathroom fixtures, accessories and the like. It’s at least getting me out into the fresh air and dislodging a few of the old cobwebs that were starting to hang about! I’m not one for sitting around all day and watching television – nothing on, nothing accomplished and nothing gained!! (Well, maybe a few good recipes from watching all those cooking shows!!) So, along with a couple of outings, my recovery has to some degree been relaxing and yet satisfying to finally get another thing in this house on the road to being up-dated. I can’t wait!!

Hopefully, if this goes well, we’ll hit on the kitchen next year. At least there isn’t a lot that needs to be done. Just maybe painting the cabinetry, laying a new floor and getting a new countertop and sink. Once the bathroom and kitchen are done, then the homemaker in me will be happy. Wait until you see what I can bake up in a new kitchen!!!

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