My Life In Abeyance

Thursday past saw Nat and I spending another day in Hamilton. Up with the chickens again – 7:00 a.m. – in order to be in Hamilton for a 10:00 am appointment so we had to be on the road by 8:30 at the latest. The drive now takes us a good hour and a half by the time we get down to the QEW, blend in with morning rush hour traffic headed to Toronto, hit a few, if not all, of the stop lights on Burlington Street and then find a parking space in St. Joseph’s parking garage. Once parked, we still have that long trek from the garage, through the overpass bridge to the elevators and then a good walk through hallways to get to the main lobby of the hospital. The older one gets the more of an ordeal this can be, but we manage to arrive in good time.

This appointment was for my pre-op before surgery on the 2nd of October. We should have know that it wasn’t going to be quickie appointment, they had two waiting rooms full of prospective patients to see. My initial appointment was for 10:15, but I wasn’t actually taken in until 11:30. At least once I was in being ‘processed’ it didn’t take too long to complete the whole thing and we were out of there. With completing that long walk back to the parking garage, we headed home, grabbed a bite to eat (albeit a late one for us) at the Gateway in Grimsby and then stopped in to see our good friends and old neighbours in St. Catharines.

Friday saw Nat off for an appointment so I started to bake. I plan to do some advance baking for Nat – put a few things in the freezer for while I’m away – so he won’t have any more worries at home than he actually needs! The afternoon saw our other old neighbour, Nick, drop by after being in the area. Another chance to get caught up on news from the old neighbourhood, along with comparing notes and a few laughs about medical problems. He has his, I have mine!

We were back to our somewhat old routine on Saturday. We headed into Niagara Falls for groceries, had a bite to eat at home and then decided to retry the new Kelsey’s Restaurant in Fort Erie. After having a car drive through their front window, they decided to close the whole place down and have it renovated. The renovations were nice – updated TV systems, flooring, benches, and the like – and along with their new comfort food items, we had a great meal.

Despite the fact that Nat and I have been trying to keep busy, we both still have it in the back of our minds that October 2nd is fast approaching. I’ve been slowly putting a few items aside for my stay-over, trying to top up the freezer with baked goods for Nat and keeping the laundry and ¬†housecleaning up-to-date. Along with trying to keep busy himself, I know Nat is constantly thinking about things that need to be done, how things will work out, how long will I be away and so on. To be honest, we’ve both been thinking the same thing and both feel like we’re in a holding pattern until this whole affair is over with. We’re also both wondering how long my recovery will take and are hoping that Thanksgiving weekend won’t be a bust. With being invited to dinner at Gail’s on Sunday, and Laura’s birthday on Thanksgiving Monday, we’re hoping we’ll be able to enjoy both events worry-free. We’re very unsettled when out of our ‘routine’ and hate it when our lives are in abeyance and out of our control. Again, with all things in our lives, we’ll somehow get past this and hope for the best afterwards.

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