It All Added Up

Finally, after several weeks of organizing and preparation, Susan had her garage sale in our driveway this past Saturday. Felicia and Bridget came along to help and when they arrived just after 7:00 am, the two girls walked up the driveway looking as if they wanted their beds. A little too early for two growing girls – one a teenager (who wants to sleep 24/7) and the other getting close to that stage. Naturally there were the usual early birds wanting to have the first peek to see if there was anything worth scooping up and by 9:00 am we began to see a pretty steady stream of possible purchasers. This garage sale was only for the kids and sports enthusiasts – scads of toys, books and stuffed animals, along with two sets of skis, roller blades, ice skates, golf clubs and 5 bikes. Susan was worried the bikes wouldn’t sell and would have to lug them home again, but she got lucky. She sold all but one little tricycle, so she was pleased. She also managed to sell all of the bigger toys (the little stove, the basketball net, the chalkboard, the Barbie doll house etc.) and along with scads of childrens’ books, she went home well ahead of the game with money in her pocket and a smile of her face. Lots of Loonies, Toonies, quarters, dimes and even a $100.00 bill – it all added up.

During the noon hour, we ordered a pizza and wings at our local pizzeria that Nat and I like. Felicia accompanied me to pick up our order and when we arrived, Tony, the owner of the pizzeria was in the process of making meatballs for another order. As ours’ was going to be another minute or two, he had Felicia come behind the counter and watched as he prepped these tasty delights. Never having his meatballs before, he baked up two little sample-size ones for the two of us to taste. With the taste of warm meatballs in our mouths, and along with a good laugh or two with Tony, we grabbed our order and headed home. The four of us lined up in our chairs sitting just inside the garage and munched away at our tasty meal while waiting for the next group of hopeful buyers.

Things slowed down just past 1:30 and when Nat arrived home from his golf game, he helped pack up what was left into Susan’s van and with that the threesome was headed home. They’ll save what was left for the second garage sale to be held in a couple of weeks at their home in Thorold. It was great spending the day with Susan and her girls and Nat and I are both glad she had a pretty good sale. As usual,we were surprised at what sold and what didn’t while at the same time ever so glad the bikes did sell. The balance of the sports equipment can always be advertised on Kijiji where most people are successful in selling their wares, including Nat and I.

Sunday saw Nat and I staying home and finding out that he won money from his golf game Saturday. His golf partner called to say he was $80.00 to the good which made Nat feel so much better, as his golf game has been a little off this year. We also took a break from our relaxation and wandered down the road to look at external speakers for the new computer monitor. As The Source wasn’t open yet (Sunday hours) we headed over to Wal-Mart where we were successful in finding a nice little pair for under $20.00. We headed home, hooked them up and we’re now good to go. We can put away the headphone set and now listen to our music, Nat’s golf videos, my podcasts in comfort and ease. And I might add for under $20.00 these little suckers are actually pretty good!!!

Today has also been quiet. I baked up a new recipe of Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Squares while waiting for a load of laundry. As Nat has another golf game scheduled for Tuesday, hopefully I can get back to the record conversions that I’m so close to finishing and yet has been well-neglected of late!!

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