I’m Seeing Red

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it has definite drawbacks. As with most technical things, like computer monitors, they’re life span is very short. You’re lucky if you get a good five years out of one, but some people have had better luck and their monitors are still going strong. Our luck wasn’t that good and when we first purchased the BenQ monitor for our Mac Mini in 2005 we were told it was one of the better ones on the market at that time. We were pleased with the same but of late it’s been ‘cutting out’ – turning itself off from overheating. We’ve now been told that it’s probably the circuit board and it would cost just as much to fix it as it would to probably buy a new monitor. So with that wee hubby and I had to weigh our options. We’re holding out desperately for a new iMac, but funds are a little short and this purchase is on our long list of “Things We Want or Need“. So with that, and assuming the new iMac won’t be sitting on our desktop for another six to eight months, we decided to purchase a new monitor (albeit the most inexpensive one we could find).

With that in mind and after making an emergency appointment with my Optometrist (see next paragraph), we headed into St. Catharines, over to Best Buy, and found a cheap little Dell Monitor for $120.00. Not bad, eh?? But once we arrived home we discovered there are no speakers in this monitor. You either have to purchase the Dell Sound Bar as an option, buy a cheap little set of external speakers, or just plug in a set of headphones into the Mac Mini’s audio slot. For now we’ve chosen the headphones – we have several extra sets available and why not make use of them. Nat has also discovered a set of cheap little external speakers while out on errands this afternoon, and we’ll keep them in mind when the headphones become a pain to put on.

As for the emergency trip to the optometrist, I had popped another blood vessel in my right eye and this time Nat got concerned. The last blood vessel I popped was just on its way to healing, when I popped another on Tuesday night after my last ordeal at St.  Joseph’s Hospital. This is now the third time I’ve done this little trick – the first one after falling off my bike – the second one the night before the first procedure at St. Joseph’s – and the third time, as stated, after the second procedure. Nat got concerned this time around because he noticed a “blood bubble” on the inside corner and we seriously felt it should be looked at. So the call was made and we were able to get in to see the Doc that afternoon. Our suspicions were right, this was happening due to the recent stress in my life and the Doc admitted these pops were doozers!!! So he reached into his ‘sample kit’ and pulled out a little box of special eyedrops that should increase the healing process. As predicted, I hate eye drops. I hate having anything even near my eyes. So dear, dear hubby has yet another chore – putting in eye drops twice a day. What on earth would I do without this man!!!

As with most trips into St. Catharines, we try and make the most of it, so after the Optometrist we headed over to our favourite fish and chip shop and had a great meal before heading home. Sherry, our usual waitress, still remembered our ‘usual’ and had it ordered as we were walking in the door. God love her – her former barmaid’s memory is rock solid!!!

So  now with a new monitor set up, we’ve got the old one to dispose of and having paid that ‘disposal fee’ we have no choice but to dump it. This is where the technical drawbacks come into it. You have to pay a disposal fee to get rid of most electronics today if you can’t recycle them and you’re going to fill the landfill sites. We wish we could recycle the old monitor, but there are very few places, if any, in this area that will take it, fix it up, and pass it on to someone who couldn’t afford a new one. If anyone out there is looking for a good cause, this would be one of them. Starting up a “Little Geeks” organization in the Niagara area. I’m willing to bet it would be pretty successful. God knows, it’s certainly a worthy cause.


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