Highlights and Disappointments

This past Tuesday saw Nat and I go into Thorold for the day. The original intention was for me to help Susan get ready for her up-and-coming garage sale and for Nat to go into St. Catharines and wander around Home Depot or Canadian Tire. As usual, things didn’t go as planned and instead both Nat and I spent most of the day with our two granddaughters, Felicia and Bridget, pricing a small portion of items that were ready for the sale. Once we arrived and did some assessing of everything that was to be sold, it was close to lunch time. We managed to at least get a few things priced, when we dropped what we were doing and took the two girls into St. Catharines for lunch at Wendy’s. As we don’t often see Felicia and Bridget (because of activities and school), we were delighted to spend some quality time alone and get caught up with what was happening in their lives. With lunch done, we headed back to their place and finished off what we could and then left them with a couple of hours on their own before Mom and Dad returned from work.

Wednesday saw the usual routine – Nat golf, me computer and records. The only deviation from this was our supper order. Normally it’s our pizza night, but we got crazy and ordered chicken wings along with a small pizza. Can’t get much more exciting than that, can we!!!

Nat had also arranged for another golf game on Thursday, so I was back in the office continuing on with the record conversions. Making great headway and getting close to the finish, I also managed to get quite a few CD covers done for each of the completed recordings. This is now becoming a somewhat tedious job but when I look at what’s been accomplished I’m more than thrilled with the results. Nat’s been able to grab a couple CDs and get reacquainted with this old records whenever he’s driving down the road to his golf game. He’s also been my ‘tester’ to make sure that the actual recording went well!!

With the ending of summer, Lucas’s baseball team is now in its championship stages and Friday saw the beginning of the end of the season. We attended the game at 5:00 pm and with some lucky charm hanging around, the boys managed to eek out a win thus being able to advance to the semi-finals over the weekend. The game Saturday morning was brilliant. Aside from an early rise (for moi!), the day was perfect, weather wise and game wise. Lucas managed to pitch a shut-out game and his team took it 6-0. It was one of those games where each and every team mate was ‘in the zone’. The pitching was brilliant and the outfield was thinking on their feet making double plays and catching fly balls while never giving the opposing team a chance to get passed third base! The game was exciting to watch, the parents and family members gathered were cheering like crazy and everyone walked away feeling uplifted.

After spending a good part of the day in Niagara Falls on Saturday, that evening we headed into Jordan to Gail’s for a photo viewing and dessert party. Her daughter was home from a trip to China and Mongolia and a slide show was the best way for everyone to see what she got up to. Nat and I had to apologize and left a little early, but we could tell the party would continue on without skipping a beat. From what we saw it certainly looked like Beth had the trip of a life time and a newly gained experience of life in the outer regions of Asia.

As Labour Day was approaching and ’tis that time of year for all those craft shows, festivals and fairs, it was understandable that I wanted to go to Marshville Heritage Festival on Sunday, being the only day left available for us. Bonnie called and said she felt she’d be able to make a go of it (after her operation) and with that the three of us headed down the road. A bit disappointing to say the least this year, but the weather was (again) perfect and you never know what to expect until you go. Bonnie and I both remarked there was a bit of the ‘same old, same old’, as we went with high hopes of finding ‘that little something’ to make us feel perkier!! Alas, that little something wasn’t there, but we had a bite to eat, I bought my requisite candy apples, had another walk about and headed home. I suppose a day of exercise never hurts anyone!!

As we returned home earlier than expected, Nat slipped into Niagara Falls and watched the last baseball game for the championship. Lucas pitched a bit along with a couple others and the team took the game to win the whole championship. To say the least the boys were ecstatic and who can blame them. They had their ups and downs all season, but when push came to shove they pulled that win off and certainly worked their hearts out for it!!

Today (Monday) will be spent at home. Nat’s off on a bike ride and I’m at home prepping for tomorrow’s test in Hamilton. Today and tomorrow can’t be over fast enough. As with all thing’s in my life “this too shall pass”.

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