Inbetween The Bad Days

For the past several months I’ve been trying to get a medical procedure done. This was something that stemmed from my annual physical and it’s now been close to one year and the damn thing still isn’t done. Certain complications were involved and naturally I was referred to a specialist. This lovely lady-doctor took over 6 months to call and set up the initial appointment and another couple of weeks before the first procedure. With the results of that test I was then referred to another specialist in Hamilton and, naturally, another several weeks (if not a month) pass before getting an appointment. Plus, as dumb luck would have it, the first appointment was cancelled and rebooked for two months later. I was lucky and got the thing moved up on a cancellation.

After sleepless nights, anticipation, anxiety, stress and worry, the first appointment in Hamilton was upon us. Out of bed early and on the road for over an hour, we arrived with hopes that this would be the end of the whole affair. Naturally, with my dumb luck, that was not going to be the case. The doctor was unable to complete the procedure and I was going to have to return in another week for a second attempt. Pissed off, frustrated, anxious and extremely disappointed, Nat and I returned home. A trip all for nothing!! With this whole affair kind of being out of my hands and not having too many choices, we’ll try again next week and hope for finality!!

During the “waiting” days of tripping the light fantastic back and forth between hospitals, Nat and I have been getting tasks done around the house. I, for one, have finally completed the reinstallation of the operating system for our Mac Mini and have had to update certain programs in order to get them up and running again. I’m finally satisfied that Safari (the web browser) and iTunes are now in good order. It was frustrating as hell not having Safari set and organized to  my liking. As for iTunes, it was giving me trouble and telling me that my account was no longer accessible. Took a few minutes and reloaded and we were good to go!

The only outstanding thing with this whole mess, is our monitor. It’s now decided to go on the fritz and cut out whenever it gets overheated! It has to do it now – it can’t wait until we got a few bucks together to get a new computer!!! So I’m putting the damn thing to sleep when not in use hoping to save some energy and heat!! So far so good!!

On a whole other matter – Nat and I went into town and spent a good portion of yesterday with our grandchildren, Felicia and Bridget. Their Mom has decided to have a garage sale and, not having much experience in organizing one, we decided to enlist the help of the two girls and we would price everything in anticipation of the actual sale. As it turns out, and not surprising at all, their Mom has enough stuff stored and piled up to have two garage sales!! Another trip (or two) into town, I’m sure, is going to be required to get everything priced. We at least had a great day alone with the girls, took them to lunch at Wendy’s and still left them with a few hours alone before Mom and Dad returned home.

As this weekend is also Marshville Heritage Festival, I’m having Nat take me so I can stock up on candy apples and have a nice day out before I’m off to the hospital again on Tuesday. Going to save those candy apples for after my procedure – something tasty, delicious and totally not a dentist’s recommendation – as a treat for after. At the rate things are going, I should be entitled to half of the inventory at Nigh’s Chocolates!!!!


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