Too Hot To Even Think!

With the onslaught of heat and humidity hanging over this part of the Province, Nat and I have been laying low and trying to stay cool as best we can. After getting groceries and running other errands on Saturday, we were too hot to even think of going out for a meal. We ended up renting a couple of movies and decided to make egg rolls stuffed with steak, onions and the like. Not necessarily a good idea – had a couple of burners on – but they were good, as were the movies.

Sunday was so quiet we almost fell asleep watching a great golf game! Between the Sunday crossword and the golf game, we managed to make it through the day, with only one thing peeking our interest and that was 50-plus motorcycles that whizzed by the house early afternoon. Whenever Nat and I hear the roar of several bikers coming our way, we have a habit of counting them, with this being the biggest group so far! I also made an honest attempt at ironing later Sunday evening, but gave up the ghost when the sweat began to fall on the just-washed clothes I was ironing!!!

Monday – the hottest day yet – we got gusty and decided to venture outdoors and head into Niagara Falls. The Home Depot flyer showed the floor tiles we wanted for our bathroom reno on sale, and we’d be amiss not to take advantage of 50% off, heat or no heat!! After picking up the tiles we looked around for other bathroom accessories, while enjoying Home Depot’s industrial sized air-conditioning, got some good ideas, and then headed home. Even with the van’s air-conditioning going full tilt, the drive home was wicked. Of course, the passenger side always gets the sun and it felt like my arm was stuck in a pot of melting butter! It was bearable, however, as we now have one more thing wiped from our “to get list” for the bathroom.

Along with the heat restricting our movements, we’ve also been having problems with the computer monitor. As with all things in our life, the monitor decides to go on the fritz, just when we need money for other things and don’t have money to buy anything. We were hoping the monitor would hang in there for another few months, at least until the new year, when we were going to seriously consider getting a new iMac. Apparently it’s over-heating and the circuit board in back makes the monitor turn off when it’s too hot. Naturally, this happens right in the middle of some serious web-surfing or some other project you’re involved with. So, we sit, we wait and we wait until the damn thing cools down and I can click on the “On” button again. It’s gotten so now I have to put the monitor to sleep when I’m not working on anything. Here’s hoping I can outlive the frustration!!

At least today the humidity dissipated somewhat and Nat was able to enjoy his usual golf game. Me, on the other hand, went into hiding to try and see what the hell was going wrong with the new Safari 4.0.3 update from Apple. It seems a whole lot of folks out there are having some sort of problem – not being able to click on the URL window, not being able to click on Customize Tool Bar… and a whole lot of other gliches that seem to have given up the ghost with the new version. I’ve done everything from reloading a new Safari about seven times, deleting everything with the “Safari” name on this old Mac and then reloading a new one, checking all of the “Mac” websites that are discussing these problems and trying their solutions – all to no avail. I’m about to bang my head on the desk and give up the ghost. At least there’s the old standby of Firefox of which I’m beginning to think nothing can go wrong with. It’s getting closer and closer to where I may have to reload the Mac O/S Tiger and see what happens there. It would have been nice if Apple would have kept the previous version of Safari for awhile, just in case, but for some reason they jumped the gun and removed it from their site. Thanks, Apple!! I still love ‘ya, but you’re startin’ to piss me off!!!

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