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Quiet Days & Restless Nights

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Goin’ to see the Doc tomorrow to check my leg. The swelling has gone down considerably, the black and blue spots have dissipated to a lesser degree and most of the itching has stopped. There for quite a few days the itching was so unbearable Nat had to put a cold compress over my ankle and foot to keep it cold and to try and stop me from tearing the skin off!! Night times were even worse. Once I was comfortable – the injured leg sprawled out flat and unbent – it would only taken seconds before the bed cover would briefly touch my bad leg and the itching would begin. If I didn’t lay with both legs hanging outside the bed covers the odds were in my favour that the itching would start up. One or two nights were spent tossing and turning to get comfortable and to keep that foot from touching anything. Of course, once that was settled, the night sweats would start – trust me, that’s not a pretty picture!!. Couldn’t win even if I tried!!!!

Thankful to see the morning sunrise, the days have been better. Keeping that foot level with the old heart helped to keep the swelling down and with each passing day I’ve been able to do more and more. I’v even now managed to get all of the squares baked for Paula’s little family memorial at Marilyn’s on Sunday. I’ve also managed to now get some house cleaning done. There’s a job that was driving me nuts!!! Couldn’t have done it without Nat’s help – and don’t think I’m not grateful having that man in my life!!!

The balance of our days have been quiet. We’ve been staying close to home, getting some chores done, getting a few more plans in the work for possible up and coming renovations. Now that we’ve got a ‘plan of action’ we’re a little more at ease in taking the next steps. We’re still waiting for that money tree in the back yard to bloom. Damn thing is just sitting there with a bunch of red maple leaves hanging from it – what’s with that?????

I’m finally down to the last bin of records albums – averaging about 50 albums per bin. So I’m kind of excited about that. Also anxious to do Gail’s albums when I get them. If I remember correctly she’s got some pretty good oldies – 78 RPMers – and along with her tapes it should make for some pretty good listening while I’m converting them to CDs. (Note to Gail – “when you’ve got a chance, hobble downstairs, will ya, and get ’em ready – ’cause I’m getting close!!!”)

Nat was also able to see Lucas’ baseball championship games. I managed to watch one last Saturday morning, but Nat went back on Sunday and stayed the day. They were playing a AAA team from Toronto (our guys’ team is only AA) – and they took the full sweep for the win. Nat said you should’ve seen their faces when the final game was over Sunday night. You couldn’t wipe the grins off if you tried. My one regret – I forgot to give Nat the camera for trophy pictures afterwards. Will have to get copies from his Mom.

Also had Bonnie over yesterday for a nice visit. We gave her the ten cent tour of our little town that she hasn’t seen yet, along with a drive down to the Fort Erie area. We were glad to see her, as we were starting to get really bored and running out of ideas as to how to bide our time. Thanks, Bonnie – always a welcome visitor!!!


Author: Twila

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with 5 sisters and a brother. Now retired, my husband and I travel, play golf and am slowly renovating our new (old) home. After my kidney transplant in 1999, we've learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Nat and I have driven across Canada, taken an Alaskan cruise and drove home via the Northern United States. We've also been to Mexico, the Caribbean, the East Coast of Canada and Cape Breton. We've done the "Snowbird" thing, having lived in Destin, Florida for a couple of months of the year. In 2007 we changed our travel plans in order to move into and renovate our new "old" home, but hope to someday get back on the road again. We also love returning to Scotland (Nat's origin of birth) to visit his family and tour the Highlands and surrounding Isles.

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