Okay, Load ‘Em Up

While I was sitting around trying to keep my leg elevated (such a boring, boring thing to do!), Nat took the time to wander around Home Depot in Niagara Falls yesterday. As luck would have it, he spotted the vanity modular set we were looking at a few weeks back, in the clearance aisle. Half price!! Needless to say we were fools not to go back and see if the 3 pieces we wanted would be available.

This morning I donned my disguises – long pants, loafers (no sandals) and sunglasses – and we headed into Niagara Falls with our laundry list (and grocery list, for that matter!!). With the stacks of boxes sitting in the centre clearance area, we checked, doubled checked and triple checked to make sure this is exactly what we wanted – no returns, no refunds, final sale!!!! We only had to make one small compromise, but we knew this was a good deal and with that we called for a clerk, asked as many questions as we could, ripped open a box-top to double check again, and then had him load them onto our dolly. For once in our lives, we were able to take advantage of a good sale. Good sales, afterall really don’t come our way very often, if not at all, and we also knew we would now be able to really take advantage of that Home Renovation Program at tax time. Every little Loonie counts these days and if Mr. McGinty was willing to give us some money back, we were willing to hold out our hands!

So, I guess now it’s official. We’ll have to redo the bathroom one of these days. Or at least install a new vanity, which wouldn’t be too, too bad. The one that came with this new old house is shot to hell and desperately needs updating. When we get around to this ‘little’ project will be a surprise to both of us, but we’re one step closer!!

With the van feeling a little back heavy – three fair-size boxes of vanity (some assembly required) – we headed over for groceries, one of those great cakes from Foodland and home. By about this time my wounded leg was starting to ache and swell and I was hobbling back and forth like a pendulum! Mission accomplished but with money we don’t have. Don’t tell me we’re not helping to stimulate the economy!!

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