Rona, Rona, Wherefore Art Thou, Rona?

With the old gal (moi!) getting a little antsy after sitting around for the past several days all black and blue from that tumble, we decided to take a trip out to Welland. We figured that new Rona store must be finished by now, right?? After all we haven’t been out that way for several weeks – plenty of time to get the finishing touches done on the interior and the inventory all stocked. We were a little bit wrong!!

When we were last there back in June, the building was built, one small sign was up, the parking lot looked done, the landscaping complete, the stop sign up and it  only looked like inventory was needed. Along with some staff and management, they’d be good to go, right?? With those thoughts in mind, we headed down the road hoping to comparison shop on some bathroom renovation items. We’ve done the Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and even Wal-Mart stores, but knew we should check out Rona for final ideas.

Upon arriving, our jaws kind of dropped! Everything looked the same as last time. Still empty parking lot, no big “Rona” sign, no cars, no grand opening, no inventory – no nothing!! What’s with that???? Is the franchisee still in training? Is the inventory coming from China on a slow boat? Or did the big wigs at Rona just forget they were doing a store in little old Welland?  Somewhat disappointed and left wondering what’s going on, we headed over to Canadian Tire to at least justify our trip to Welland. As with every “little outing” we came home with more than was on our non-existent list, but each little thing was reasoned out – a corn broom for the garage and front stoop, a liquid wood cleaner for the kitchen cabinets, a little rack for holding kitchen sponges, and a small cooler bag for Nat’s cold drink and snack when he’s golfing. Oh well, Rona, our huge $40.00 purchase was your loss!!

2 thoughts on “Rona, Rona, Wherefore Art Thou, Rona?

  1. I googled Rona opening in Welland and found your post. Funny, here it is Nov. 10-09 and the new Rona still looks the same…my search did come up with a job opening for a store manager for the new Rona posted Oct.27-09, so maybe finally things will move forward. We just moved to Port Colborne in July from Belleville and were surprised at the lack of hardware stores in Welland.

    1. Carolyn: Welcome to the area! My hubby briefly noticed an article regarding Rona and we’re now thinking that the holdup for the new store in Welland was (perhaps) because of the economic downturn and maybe they were holding off before hiring and putting in inventory. We, too, are surprised at the lack of hardware stores in the area and have to go into Niagara Falls a lot. Don’t rule out your local Home Hardware guys – our little store in Ridgeway is phenomenal except they don’t sell lumber!! But it’s also nice to have a big box store nearby for bigger selection. That’s why we go to the bigger Canadian Tire store in Welland and would like to see the Rona store get up and running as well. We love living in this small community and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Port Colborne – good friendly folks. Good luck in the job application!!

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