Black And Blue

Well, it’s been four days since the big spill. The old body’s been enduring the stiff, achy, swollen joints as best it can. The bruises have gotten bigger and uglier with each passing day. But you should see my right eye!! It now looks like I have permanent eye shadow on – that dark, night time, Halloween witchy look – but just one eye. If I close my eyelid it looks like I’ve got a pirate’s eye patch on!! Not feeling any pain in or around my eye, it behooves me to think how it came to be. Must have hit somethin’ on the way down, but don’t know what!! I’m thankful, at least, that it’s not swollen shut!!

Needless to say the past few days have been boring. Nat’s been getting a few things done, I’ve been hobbling hither and yon around the house not getting anything done and it’s frustrating and boring. Having said all of that, Nat is at a golf tournament today and I’m finally back at getting our record albums converted to CDs. I’ve gotten away from this little project, despite the fact that I’m over halfway done. It’s been going pretty good and Nat and I have been enjoying some record albums long forgotten about. So back to it …


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