Everyone Was Busy But Us

Having good intentions of going to watch Zach play baseball on Thursday night, we were derailed by a phone call. Someone was finally interested in the sump pump battery back-up system we had purchased when first moving into this house. With the gas generator more than paying for itself already, we knew we had no further use for the battery back-up and listed it on Kijiji along with a few other items that we knew we couldn’t just ‘give away’. Only a year later someone was finally interested and in dire need of one. The buyers were new to the Welland area and to sump pumps, so after three power outages they’d had enough. We were glad to oblige, trust me. We’ve been there, done that and never want to go there again. They were pleased that our system was still under partial warranty and with a quick lesson on hook-up from Nat, they headed for home all gungho to get the thing hooked up.

With Thursday’s baseball game being missed, we decided to head into Virgil Saturday afternoon and watch Zach play in one of his tournaments. So we did our usual grocery thing and after lunch packed our goody bag, drinks and chairs and off we went. We enjoyed the game but had no idea that there were so many tournaments being played that day. The baseball fields were awash with little tykes, little guys, mid-size guys, parents, grandparents, coaches and siblings. Everyone heading every which way but loose. We caught up with Zach and his parents, his grandparents and his sibling, settled in and cheered his team onto victory. This being his¬†first year playing ball he was looking pretty good and really seemed to enjoy himself.

With all the fresh air on Saturday, Nat and I stuck close to home today. Both of us got a couple of chores down around the house – he the lawn, me the laundry – and for the rest of the day we decided to just lay back. It was nice!! About mid-afternoon, and after remembering that television is getting a little boring of late, we hopped on our bikes and headed down to the little video store in town for a couple of movies. We signed up as new members and found a couple of good ones we’ve been wanting to watch for some time. “Milk” and “Quantum of Solace” – a thought-provoking weeper and an action-packed, stunt-laden thriller. A little laugh, a little cry, a little ooh, a little aah – makes for a good evening. Our kind of day.

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