One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As if on cue I get a call from St. Joe’s in Hamilton on Tuesday afternoon. They were cancelling my procedure for Wednesday and had to rebook. Naturally the Doc was extremely busy and my new appointment wouldn’t be until September. Just when you get yourself all psyched up, ready to go (despite being in a miserable mood the day before), the hammer drops. Like all things in my life, that’s about par for the course. The one thing I truly wanted over with ASAP, gets put back a couple of months.

As Nat had cancelled his usual golf game Wednesday afternoon, he was now free to go and had to scramble to get his partner to put their names back on the list for their tee-off times. It worked out well for Nat, at least, and he was able to get away and clear his head from being around this  “old misery” for a day. He at least understood how I felt and was just as disappointed as I was about the whole thing. Que sera sera!!

With our heads now muddled about what to do the rest of the week – as we had planned things around how I might feel after Wednesday’s procedure – we managed to fill in the time somehow. We thought we would do the lunch thing at the Mandarin on Saturday, so we moved our usual grocery shopping to Friday am., hitting a couple of stores and taking advantage of their sales.

The Mandarin lunch was wonderful so we took our time and doddled as the rest of the day was going to be ours to do with as we pleased. With old friends that we hadn’t seen in a couple of years dropping by Saturday afternoon, the rest of the day was spent with good laughs and lots of stories. Nat worked with John at GM and it wasn’t long before they were back at work discussing how things should have been! We showed them around the “new” place and it was well into the early evening before we realized how late it was getting.

Karly’s actual 16th birthday was on Wednesday and because of work, school and other scheduling problems, it was decided to have a get-together Sunday afternoon. As usual with most 16-year-olds, she was busy texting on her phone for most of the day, but took time out to visit with the old folks and grab some birthday cake. This was the first birthday without her Aunt Paula being there and I’m sure a lot of silent thoughts were taking place. But we all had a great time and inbetween rain drops the kids were at least able to go for a swim while the old folks talked indoors.

Monday saw another bad and crappy day, at least for Nat. While Bonnie and I were enjoying the sites and sales at Mapleview Mall, Nat was taking care of having the Van serviced. Once he picked me up in St. Catharines we discussed the events of the day while driving home, and he dropped the bad news on me. The Van’s brakes and tires were going to need servicing – and pretty soon. Getting both things done is going to set us back at least another $2,000.00 and as usual the timing is just lousy. It’s that old adage two steps forward, one step back. If things continue on this path, the bathroom renos are going to get put back by yet another year. We’re going to try hard to at least buy the bathroom fixtures so we can take advantage of that new Home Renovation Program this year, so we’ll just have to keep pushing forward as best we can. Sometimes I feel as if this new ‘old’ house isn’t going to get renovated at all. We’re at least now discussing what we want to do and what we want to buy, so I suppose that’s one step forward!! Again, Que Sera Sera

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