Where Did The Time Go!!

Many, many moons ago I would babysit my niece, Darby, and her baby brother, Tyler. After playing “Store” in the family room, we’d end up in Mom and Dad’s bed (with a child nestled on either side) and read childrens’ poetry. It was the best of times for me and I remember them well. It pleased me to no end that these two youngsters enjoyed listening to poetry as much as I enjoyed reading it to them.

Those days have gone. Tyler is now back-packing in Europe for a month and Darby graduated from University with honours this past week. It’s hard to believe that time has flown by so fast and all three of our lives have changed in so many ways. These two ‘youngsters’ have matured and grown into two adults that anyone would be proud of. They’re both smart, clever, funny and good-looking. I suppose some of those “cudos’ should be attributed to their Mom, but sorry Mom, this post isn’t about you!

Nat and I attended Darby’s graduation party at the Irwins’ on Saturday and had a great time. Another up-and-coming very clever neice of mine (Zoe) created a fun quiz game about Darby’s favourite things in life and the rest of the family soon realized how Darby has changed and matured in so many ways. Who of us truly knew that this little “tinno-tailed” girl would grow up to love and adore Bull Riding. (Yes, I remembered it’s “Bull Riding” and not the “Rodeo” – there’s a huge difference!!!) Great laughs all around, along with great food!

Darby is now off and running in her new life and new job. She’s creating her own ‘adult’ memories and we can only hope and pray that they’re all wonderful ones. Good luck, Darby, whatever road you choose to travel down!  As for Tyler, well, that boy’s creating great memories as we speak. He graduates next year and I’m sure that’ll be a whole other post!!!

With a great Saturday evening behind us, Nat and I were up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning and headed down the road to watch Lucas play baseball against a very good American team. The first couple innings were looking to be like “Casey At The Bat” in Mudville – our little guys were being slaughtered. Poor Lucas was pulled from pitching and you could see the disappointment on his face even from where I sat way behind first base.  But someone must have spiked the punch because they came back with a vengeance around the 5th inning. With a few runs ahead of the opposing team, their confidence began to rebuild itself and they ran away with the game –  15-9.

After the game Papa Nat re-assured Lucas the first couple innings were not his fault – the rest of the team was faltering in outfield. He seemed to be okay about the whole thing – after all they won the game – and he was chomping away on his hot dog as we left for home. Some memories are soon forgotten!!!


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