No Wants, No Warrants

Thursday found me at my new hairdresser’s.  Such a small little shop tucked in back off of a little side street, but she did what I wanted and the price was certainly right. Jennifer seemed to be “with it” and I had no complaints, and in fact she cut my hair just a bit different than my usual gal and it’s not so ‘old’ looking anymore. That alone was worth the bike ride uptown. Nat was golfing again and hence the bike ride – but what the hell I needed the exercise and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

After Nat returned home I slipped down to the ‘Cop Shop’ in Fort Erie and picked up the police check required for volunteering my services to two organizations. The secretary said it was clear and we laughed about ‘No Wants, No Warrants’ and away I went with paper in hand. I should hear back sooner or later regarding when I can start one volunteer position and the other should begin in the Fall (at the Library) when the kids get back to school. Nat and I both love living in this area and we both want to be part of the community, and I’m looking forward to both volunteer jobs.

Saturday morning was fun. After getting what groceries we needed we hopped on our bikes and rode down to the little outdoor market in Ridgeway. Nat found some of his Scottish pies and after a nice walk down main street, we headed back down the scenic Friendship Trail for home. Felt good, and again, another nice thing about living in a small community. Getting there is half the fun!!

This morning (Sunday) found us doing our usual and then off to that big Canadian Tire store in Welland for a look around. My God, that store is big!! Plus it looks like the new Rona store is in the final stages of being ready for opening. Another excuse to wander down to Welland to have a look around when the time comes. Will have to remember to bring our roller skates – that store looks like it’s going to be just as big as the Canadian Tire and the Wal-Mart across from it. Build it and they will come!!!


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