My First Time … (Not What You Think!)

Monday found Nat recovering from two days of golf tournaments. He had a great time playing Thundering Waters but it made for a long day and come Monday he just wanted to hang out. So hang out he did. We literally spent the day finishing off a couple things around the house and then sat on the back patio for the balance of the afternoon and watched the birds come and go. How nice for us!!

We picked up our heels on Tuesday and Nat headed down to the garden centres looking for some more plants. He’s on a roll and I ain’t standing in his way, so I stayed home and finished off the housekeeping. As it was a colder, rainier evening it was only Nat that headed into Niagara Falls to watch Lucas’ baseball game. They won 10 to 3 against St. Catharines so it put the wee lads in a pretty good mood. Nat came home cold and freezing but had a good time. He also brought me up-to-speed with the ongoing “Paula Saga”.  My God, she did ‘them’ wrong. If poor Paula had some family bitterness in her past, she certainly went to the grave with the last laugh.

Being a new couple in town and not wanting to head into St. Catharines every 6 weeks or so, I decided to tour the town Wednesday to look for a good hair dresser. With luck and with a recommendation from the Pharmacist (“my wife goes to..”) and one of the clerks, I found someone nearby and within biking distance. So I popped in, made an appointment and we’ll see how she does in another week. Believe it or not, it’s very difficult for any woman to change hair dressers. It’s like they have to get to know your likes and dislikes and you have to train them as to how “you” want things done. So this may be a bit of a challenge and I’m hoping it works out – she’s so close! This also gave Nat and I a chance to have a good tour of Ridgeway as we drove around town with our “phone book list” in hand to see who was where and what the outside looked like. I was glad I asked the girls at the Pharmacy – this one wasn’t listed and looked really good.

That afternoon, with Nat at his usual golf game I went back to converting record albums. I’m getting behind as I’ve let this little project sit on the back burner too long. I only managed to get two Frank Sinatra’s done, but I did manage to finally get those larger garage sale items listed in Kijiji. We just didn’t want to give that stuff away, but not sure what we’ll do if none of it sells. So again, we’ll sit and wait and hope!

I also managed to have a “first time” experience this Thursday morning. The organizations that I volunteered for had to do police background checks and, as a follow-up, Nat and I headed down to our local Niagara Regional Police office to see if they had been completed. Never having been in a “cop shop” before you get a little intimidated when approaching the door. Knowing that they have to have a reception desk, you’re not too sure how things look beyond that.  Yes, I know, there are thousands that go through those doors everyday, from lawyers, firefighters and other business people, it’s no big deal. I’m also the first one to admit that I’m easily intimidated by authoritative figures – especially those in uniform and wearing a side arm!! So today was an experience – albeit a very minor one – but it was mine. Turns out you speak through this little “movie theatre” speaker to the receptionist on the other end, ask your question and wait for her to check. While waiting, Nat and I could peek around the corner but naturally couldn’t see much. I guess those cops don’t want the general public to see too much – God forbid they might be back there playing Scrabble on their computers!!!  As the report wasn’t in yet, we said our thanks and away we went. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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