Days Like That Are Rare

The golf season is officially underway. Saturday saw Nat off to his first golf tournament of the year and as luck would have it, there was another one on Sunday. Knowing it could turn out to be a long, lonely weekend – no van, no money (Egad!!!), I arranged for a day out with dear sis, Bonnie. We had a great time wandering the streets of downtown Ridgeway and browsing a couple of its great little shops, and hitting the antique shops after a bite to eat on the back patio. We both managed to spend very, very little, and that’s saying a lot for the two of us!! Having a day out with Bonnie always perks me up as we always manage to have good conversation and a laugh or two.

After our journeys around Fort Erie and Ridgeway, we joined Nat on the back patio mid-afternoon as he read the paper and we sipped lemonade. With her departure, Nat and I stared at each other wondering what to have for supper – neither one of us had given it a second thought earlier in the day and we were both stumped. With the two of us, if you don’t take something out of the freezer earlier that day, then it’s very difficult for us to come up with some  brilliant “out of the cupboard” idea. We managed to scrounge up some bacon and eggs and with that settled in for the evening. As always, Nat had nodded off in his chair come early evening. He was up by 5:00 AM and he was zonked by 6:00 PM.

Sunday morning was spent doing the usual – laundry and my favourite show – while Nat worked away at his crossword. He was out the door again before noon hour to a benefit golf tournament for Lucas’ baseball team. The tournament last year was such a success, they, naturally, decided to repeat the whole thing this year. Nat enjoys the outing – it’s his yearly chance to have a game of golf with his son-in-law – and it’s always held at one of the premier golf courses in the area where the “locals” can’t always afford to play. With a great buffet lunch, 18 holes of golf and prizes afterward, it makes for a great day that I know Nat looks forward to.

With Nat on the golf course, I settled in for the afternoon hoping to get some more records converted to CDs. Naturally, I was unsuccessful, as I got involved in a movie I had downloaded from iTunes and before I knew it the afternoon was half over. Frost/Nixon was the movie and I enjoyed it immensely. During the Watergate hearings I remember being engrossed as they unfolded on the television. I would try and catch up on the day’s events as soon as I got home from work and for reasons unknown to me, I was captivated. Hence I enjoyed the movie, thought it was well done and there were even fleeting times when Frank Langella actually looked like Nixon. After it was over I knew I should at least get outside and enjoy the “hay while the sun shone”.

Being the perfect afternoon that it was, I had my supper on the back patio and got re-engrossed in a good book – being a political kind of day my book also turns to be on another American political scandal. Do you think there’s a theme going here??? As luck would have it, our little chipmunk friend joined me, munching away at fallen sunflower seeds from the bird feeder. So between my good book and my good buddy we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon peacefully and sometimes in quiet solitude. Days like that are rare but most enjoyable.

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