The Truth May Never Be Known

Victoria Day was not a celebration but a mourning for Nat’s family. We heard early morning that Paula was rushed to hospital and was in pretty bad shape. She succumbed to her cancer Monday evening shortly after Nat and I went to the hospital to say our goodbyes.

It was Tuesday evening while attending Lucas’ baseball game that we were told about the lifelong lies Paula was living. It was devastating to hear, hard to believe and at the same time disheartening. Her immediate family was especially devastated. She had made assurances to them she knew were lies and had maintained this facade for so many years that no one now believes anything she’s told them in the past. As with most lies, certain events and statements made in the past now all make sense. So now it falls to the family to look for answers to find out exactly what kind of life Paula was living. Only time will tell if any truths can be found and hopefully with time her two brothers will forgive whatever shortcomings she may have taken to the grave.

Naturally with all of this news, Nat and I have continued to give our support to his daughter and her family in their time of grief, shock and disbelief. We’ve also been trying to get a few little things done around the house at the same time. Nat has finally had the chance to at least “plant” some plants around the house rather than “digging” things out, as he’s been doing ever since we moved here. The grounds around this house were in such dire shape that it’s taken Nat all this time to get things cleaned up to such a state where he could at least add something new. At least Nat will now soon see the fruits of his labour start to bloom!

It’s also been nice to get back to watching Lucas play baseball. He’s improved this past year with his pitching and as always the two games we’ve attended so far have been close in scoring and exciting to watch. Here’s to a good summer of great baseball. This whole thing is actually kind of ironic – I’m very bored by baseball, but when your grandson’s involved it’s a whole new ball of wax!

As for Lucas’ sister, Karly, she has an opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime – at least for her. The school she attends has a trip to England and Scotland in the works and for those kids that want to go and can come up with the money required, then it’s a go for next year. With her part-time job still holding strong, she’s more determined than ever to get in as many hours as she can to earn as much money as she can. We’re all rooting for you, Karly!!

The golfing season has also hit its stride. Nat has two tournaments this weekend and I’m back to being a golf widow. I suppose now I’ve got no excuses to get back to converting those record albums to CDs. For some reason this little project got put on the back burner. I’m halfway there, so here goes …

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