Don’t Rain On My Parade

After repeatedly stating that I would never do the “garage sale” thing again – I did it again! We had accumulated enough stuff that was no longer being used and stored away when we moved here, and after Nat had dug up the stepping stones and ditched the old lawn mower, I felt it was time. There’s usually a buck or two to be made and more money in my pocket is always a good thing! Having invited Bonnie to join in the sale, she came by after getting the “all clear”.

Naturally they were calling for rain most of Saturday, but when we awoke the skies were relatively clear and we started to set things up. We under-estimated the value of those stepping stones as a couple of vans were hovering in the area well before-hand looking for the stones specifically. They were snapped up so fast it made our heads spin and Nat was loading them into the buyers’ vans as fast as the wheelbarrow could be pushed. Poor Bonnie missed out on the few I was going to put aside for her as I was kept busy with other customers while Nat was loading the stones and they were all gone before I knew it. I suppose the stones were the “draw them in” item and I’m still beating myself up for practically giving them away. Lessen learned!!

The rest of the sale was going along smoothly until some scary looking dark clouds began to drift our way. We slowly packed up what we could and lined the boxes along the perimeters of the garage hoping that things would clear soon. Once the rains came they lasted about 30 minutes and inbetween bouts of clear skies more customers came along to scrounge around the garage. We were thankful for those little odds ‘n sods that we did sell and wrapped things up shortly after 1:00 pm. Nat had managed to sell his lawn mower to the perfect buyer – a fixer-upper guy that was pleased to find something because he was running low and needed some more. He had a good customer base for used lawn mowers and was more than happy to take it off our hands.

Bonnie, Nat and I then had a bite to eat and wrapped things up for the day. After taking a tally of what we had made, I was at least pleased that we managed to sell some things despite the rainy day. What stuff was left wasn’t enough to repeat the sale again Sunday morning, and we decided to just pack it up and donate what we could. One or two items (the battery back-up, the set of golf clubs and the satellite receivers) will be posted in the want ads only because they’re worth more than a couple bucks.

We managed to make enough money that I could at least treat Nat to a fish and chip supper down the road, with enough change left over to maybe buy a little something for moi. Having been up and at ’em since 6:00 am, we were both tired and couldn’t be bothered to fix anything ourselves. A meal well earned and enjoyed!

Sunday morning came along and we decided to stay close to home, reorganize our schmozel of boxes and get them ready for Diabetes to pick them up. We completed our usual chores – me laundry, Nat mowing the lawn – and settled in for the rest of the day. While biding our time before getting supper ready, Nat spotted a big, beautiful crane flying overhead and landed on the neighbour’s rooftop across the street. He sat there for some time with his long, willowy neck turning ever so slowly and purveying all around. Suddenly with a great thrust of power he flapped his wings and took flight again. After a quick stop on another rooftop a few doors down, he flew out as quietly as he flew in. Another reason why Nat and I love living in Ridgeway – Mother Nature constantly surprising us with little treats!

This morning – Monday – was spent at the garden centres. Nat is anxious to get a couple of perennials for the front of the house. We had a great look around at a couple of places, got some good advice, picked up a couple of bushes along with some soil, and homeward bound again for lunch. When we arrived home there was a message to call Laura back. She had bad news about Paula. After discovering that Paula was bleeding internally and her heart was racing, a friend had taken her to hospital this morning. We knew things were bad as Paula was looking pretty exhausted and pale at Easter and again on her birthday a couple of weeks ago. So again we’ll sit, we’ll worry and we’ll wait to hear anything further. We’ll also keep those positive thoughts for Paula. After all, she’s pulled through and surprised the doctors once before and we’re hoping she’s can do it again. Keep the good thoughts!!

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