When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make Lemonade!

To quote good ‘ole Forest Gump, I’ve been drinking a lot of lemonade lately ’cause I just keep getting lemons!

With the continuing stress-related news about General Motors, and the fact that Nat and I are laying low and not spending any money for fear his pension gets reduced, I’ve now been dealt another medical blow!! Keeping a positive attitude about a recent test lately, I went back to get the results on Friday. Not getting too much good news lately, I was pretty sure it was about time the tide turned. My check-ups for my new kidney have been terrific and my yearly physicals have yielded no problems. Now if I could deal with my mental health of late, I’d be in perfect shape! But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I should have known that things were going too good health wise, and I didn’t see that brick wall coming!

So I’ve been told that I have a growth on my colon and it needs to be removed. The dangerous part is that this little bugger is sitting in that part of the colon that is right underneath my new little kidney!!  When I do things, I do them big!!! After the biopsy results, the Doc doesn’t think it’s cancerous, but better safe than sorry, right!! So now we sit and wait to hear from the specialist at St. Joseph’s and we’ll take it one day at a time. It’s out of my hands now and I’ve learned a long time ago, a positive attitude really is good for the mind and the soul.

As a result of the past day or two, Nat and I laid low again. We’ve had our little talk after getting the test results and have decided to get on with our lives, put this thing on the back burner and try to not to dwell on something that we have no control over right now. I know he’ll worry, I know I’ll worry, but neither of us are going to admit it to each other. So hopefully in a day or two the initial shock will have worn off and we’ll only be reminded once we get the call from Hamilton. Onward and upward, the struggle continues!!

On a whole other note, and speaking of lemons – it’s due to rain tomorrow – the day of my garage sale. Par for the course, right now!!! Those bloody lemons just keep coming our way, but sooner or later that lemon tree has to dry up!!!!


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