All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front

With the weather being up and down these past days, Nat and I have been finding the odd jobs to do around the house, along with sneaking out and running a few errands whenever there was a sunny break.

A week ago today, Nat was testing his skills at Thundering Waters Golf Club with his buddies and getting ready for Lucas’ upcoming golf tournament for his baseball club. The golf tournament last year at Thundering Waters raised some good funds for the Club and they’re going to give it a second try again this year. As luck would have it Nat’s golfing partner had a couple of good coupons for the Course (which is the only way you can afford their green fees) and away they went. As I had a meeting in town at the Library, I drove Nat to his game and later picked him up after my day of freedom with the van. When I arrived at the Golf Course their foursome was just coming down the 18th fairway so I sat on Clubhouse patio and watched to see how they were doing. Poor Nat, I could see him going into the woods on what I think was his second shot, and I knew that wasn’t a good thing. He’s been having trouble with this irons of late and is getting frustrated as it’s making his handicap rise, along with his blood pressure!! Despite some bad shots, they all had a great time. One of the Supervisors asked Bill (Nat’s buddy) if he’d come back. Never having played Thundering Waters before, Bill grinned from ear to ear and with his Irish accent replied “Oh aye!!!”

After another afternoon of golf on Wednesday, Nat was done in and took Thursday off. So between the two of us we managed to whittle away the time somehow.

Friday was spent driving into St. Catharines on a couple of errands. With my garage sale coming up on the 16th and with our friends having a couple of items they wanted to dispose of, Nat and I zipped into town to pick them up. Having the van made it easier for us to transport the small tables and also gave us a chance to have a visit and get caught up on any news.

After the usual Saturday of groceries and housekeeping, Sunday (Mother’s Day) was spent with the kids. Tom, Susan, Felicia and Bridget came by shortly after lunch and gave “Nana” (that’s me!) a beautiful necklace charm with “Nana” on it and topped with a couple of pretty gemstones. Unexpected and nice! After a great visit and getting caught up with all of the Dagenais activities, Nat and I were off for a barbecue at Shawn and Laura’s in honour of Mother’s Day and Paula’s birthday. Again, a great time was had and it was nice to see Paula in pretty good spirits. Her battle with cancer is turning out to be a long and arduous one, but despite all odds she keeps a positive attitude and tries hard not to let anything stand in her way.

This week is going to be filled with possible baseball games (Lucas has a couple of Exhibition games on Tuesday and Thursday), along with a doctor’s appointment and getting ready for the garage sale. We have to lug all that stuff up from the basement – I’ve managed to gather together about 12 to 15 boxes of odds ‘n sods, doodads and no-longer-used household items – and along with Nat’s lawn and garden items we should have a good variety. Living on a well-travelled road we can only hope that the sale will be a successful one. Here’s to a sunny day, good sales and lots of cash in the bank!!

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