A Tree Grows In Ridgeway

Well, two trees to be exact! Hubby and I headed down to the garden centre yesterday and finally purchased a couple of nice little Maple Trees. After taking out some trees – big and small – that were here previously and not doing too well, we planted a couple replacements. Nat’s starting to get his ‘garden plan’ worked out in his head and these two little trees are part of the whole big picture. Can’t wait to see what else develops!

It’s been a perfect day for planting trees, but Nat’s been at this task for 7 hours. He took a break for lunch after planting the first tree in the front yard, and promptly headed to the back yard afterwards to plant the second one. The soil around this house is solid clay and it’s been a struggle for him to get the holes dug. Along with adding 14 bags of garden soil to the clay mix, he’s managed to get the task done and here’s hoping our little trees will grow and add beauty to our yard along with some well-needed shade.

As for the Robin’s nest – well, it’s been abandoned for the past two days. This morning (while planting one of the trees in the front yard), we noticed a little blue cracked egg lying on the walkway below the nest. We can only assume that a Blue Jay or some other pest has gotten to it. Momma Robin has flown the coup and Papa Robin is still hanging around the back yard. He’s probably drowning his sorrows in worms that pop to the surface knowing that all his hard work was for naught. Abandoned and alone he’ll eat to make the pain go away! At least we’ve given him a couple new little trees to flutter about with. Maybe they’ll give him ideas for next year’s nest!

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