The Robin’s In Her Nest

“Mrs. Robin” has been diligently sitting in the nest outside the office window. She flutters away now and again, which I can only assume is for food and maybe just exercising the old wings. I’ve posted some pictures of the nest on a separate page – “Robin’s Nest” – for posterity sake. I guess I’m hoping to keep a small record of events. So we’ll see what develops.

Nat and I have been wandering the garden stores for a couple of Maple Trees and think we’ve settled on a couple. One to beautify the front yard and the other for some eventual shade in the back yard. After chopping down that old Poplar Tree we have no shade and it’s desperately needed back there. We’re also keeping a lookout for a patio umbrella and, again, think we found a really good one down the road at a really good price. Not the same colour as the patio furniture, but we can always address that decorating faux pas by buying pillows and placemats that match. Again, shade is desperately needed on the back patio so we can enjoy the same this summer. Me and hot weather are like oil and gas – light a match and we’ll explode!!

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