The Goddess of Domesticity is Back!

For some time I’ve wanted to volunteer. In the back of my mind I knew what I could do, physically and intellectually, but never had the nerve to go and check certain agencies out. I was doing volunteer work at the hospital during dialysis, but then got side-swiped by an infection and had to give it up. Now, with a suppressed immune system, hospitals have been ruled out because of contagious diseases and other illnesses that could hit me like a ton of bricks. After moving to the Ridgeway/Fort Erie area, I was determined to look into what was available and hopefully contribute something back to this great little community.

It’s taken me about a year and a half to finally take those steps. After seeing an ad in The Fort Erie Times for the Volunteer Fair, Nat accompanied me to see what organizations were in this area that I would be interested in. Having only been in the door less than five minutes, I was talking to a representative from one of the organizations and our picture was promptly taken for The Times. Of course it was a rainy day and Nat and I looked our “rainy” best, but who’s going to remember!! After talking to a couple of organizations, I gave my name and address, and am now looking forward to finally taking those steps where I can be useful in the community and get to know some pretty nice folks.

Making The Paper

With a “feel good” Tuesday behind us, Nat and I then wandered into St. Catharines on the following Friday hoping to do some research on bathroom renovations and possibly get some tree planting questions answered. The tree planting questions went out the window – no gardening and landscaping companies were in attendance – but we managed to get some responses regarding bathroom shower inserts and other doodads required. All bloody expensive and is being put on the back shelf for awhile!!

After having a nice look ’round, we were on our way out the door and naturally passed by the line-up of Home Show marketers with their slicer, dicer and chopping machines. One booth was different. Instead of slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping, this gizmo steamed, cleaned and mopped your wooden, vinyl, linoleum and tiled floors, along with some upholstery and carpets. The young lad did his schtick after taking a magic market to three different types of floors and promptly steaming them clean within seconds. Naturally, there was also a “Home Show Special Price” that went along with the deal – what were the odds!!!

Standing amongst a whole row of seniors lined up in front of the demo booth, Nat and I were intrigued. We stood and watched the demonstration, asked some questions and along with everything else that’s “too good to be true”, became intrigued. As I’ve been keeping a look-out for a good floor steamer in the past several months, we took a chance and bought one. What the hell, it was a really good price and it was guaranteed for a year. If it didn’t work out I would at least get more than my money’s worth within that year. Plus I’ll be able to save money on those Swiffer products that they keep you coming back for at close to $10.00 a pop!!! With the price of water being relatively cheap and Swiffer products being relatively expensive, this steaming mop was practically a give away. Homeward bound we went after a pretty nice day!

With great abandon and the sun shining down upon our little nest egg, Nat and I started our day’s activities early today. He wandered off to the garden stores doing further research on possible maple trees to plant, and me – well, I hit the kitchen in full force. I popped a raisin loaf in the old oven, set up the bread maker to do it’s thing, sat down with Nat and had lunch, put the bread in the oven to bake and then pulled out that lean mean steaming machine!! I was overly curious to see how well it would work and wasn’t disappointed. As Nat was doing his second round of gardening stores, I went ahead and steamed the kitchen floor. It’s an old floor (of which we’re dying to replace) and I’m determined it’s going to stay clean until we can rip it up and toss it out. What to my surprise this little gizmo worked pretty good. I had enough steam to do the whole kitchen floor, refilled the little bottle and headed for the living room. I cleaned around the living room rug, did the entry way, the back door and hallway areas, then I popped on the base frame for the carpets and hit the area rugs. Hot damn, I’m on a roll!!!

Despite the fact that it’s turning out to be a hot day, this little house is relatively cool without the air-conditioning running and I surprised myself at how much I was able to accomplish today. The loaf, the bread, the steaming and even backed-up the computer inbetween. Could this day be any more productive? Probably, but it’s hot and I’m not going to push it!! It’s only 3:00 pm as I’m posting this and I’ve still got time on my hands. Nat’s out washing the van so maybe I’ll give him a hand – clapping that is!! This Goddess of Domesticity is officially done for the day!!


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