Just Another Day In Paradise

For as much as Nat and I have no ‘extra’ money, we’ve managed to fulfill these past couple of weeks with a mish-mash of things. And, as always, we’ve had an unexpected surprise which came at a crappy time. About par for the course, these days, I guess!

Since my last posting I’ve had some medical appointments, Nat’s buddy, Nick, came by to help install and repair some plumbing downstairs and outside. and Nat’s began his golfing season. Otherwise, we’ve both been pretty boring.

Now that the Spring-like weather is upon us, Nat and I have dusted ourselves off from a long cold winter, and have started our Spring cleaning. I’ve been doing what I can around the house and getting ready for a garage sale sometime, and Nat’s been puttering in the garage getting things in order to begin his gardening work. As with everything else, he began to dust off the lawn mower and get it all gassed up and ready to go. He greased, he oiled, he cleaned and he cranked. That old Craftsman would start up, spit and spurt and promptly cut itself out! Again and again and again. To no avail. Try as he might, Nat couldn’t get that thing to stay running. He did what he could to take things apart and have a look, but it was beyond his reach. Assuming it was going to be expensive, he bit the bullet and took it to a local lawn mower repair shop. He assumed right – they wanted $59.00 an hour and they figured it might be something in the carborator and would probably take more than a couple hours!! He returned home defeated!!

For the longest time, and especially now that we have a double lot, Nat’s wanted a self-propelled mower. Knowing the expense, he’s put off such a purchase in favour of higher-priority items. This time, however, the options were limited and we had to face facts – the lawn needs cutting and the old lawn mower wasn’t worth sinking over $120.00 into it.

As with all of our major purchases, research was done into the type of mower wanted, the accessories required and the ease of maintenance, etc. Nat had already scoured a few major hardware chains that carry self-propelled mowers and pretty much knew what he wanted and the price range he was willing to reach. However, out of curiosity we headed into St. Catharines Saturday morning to Sears at the Pen Centre to see what they carried. Not having been there in several months and knowing they carried a pretty good product, we figured it was worth the effort. And it was. Nat found what he was looking for (anotther  Craftsman) and that particular make and model just happened to be on sale. (Sometimes I think Sears is having one constant sale!). But hey, that department store has never let us down in the past and we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed this time either. “Wrap ‘er up, we’ll take ‘er!” “On your Sears card?” , she asked. “Yes, please”, we replied. I suppose in the end we’re doing the right thing for the economy – buying something major and racking up credit. Only thing is, it’s not the Government that has to pay for the bloody thing when the bill comes in!!!

At least Nat can mow the lawn in relative ease. I can rest in somewhat peace knowing that one more item has been erased from Nat’s long, long laundry list of things required for this old house. “Always look on the bright side of life..”, so says Monty Python and who am I to argue with that lot – outnumbered and outwitted!!!

This morning (Sunday) was spent with Nat in the garage unpacking his new toy and me in the house doing the wee wifey bit, inbetween bouts of watching Sunday Morning – multi-tasking.

On a whole other subject, and for the past several weeks, we’ve had a beautiful Robin diligently building a nest outside the office window, lodged up under the eavestrough and on top of the drain pipe. He’s done a great job and I’ve been taking pictures as he progressed. So it’s now with pleasure I’ve noticed the “Misses” is resting comfortably on her new brood. Managed to also get a couple pictures and hoping to complete the set when the new family arrives. May they all be healthy, wealthy and wise and may the new self-propelled lawn mower be quiet when passing them by!!


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