Oops! I Did It Again!

Awhile back I posted about my experience with a Techie from the Garmin company regarding our GPS. I had trouble downloading the  latest maps from Garmin and, Ryan, their Mac computer expert, was a real pleasure to deal with. He knew what he was doing and was more than accommodating and patient. This is not always the case when you need help, advice or support from most Techies who work for various companies. If you’re like me, you’ve had your share of experiences and as dumb luck goes, I’ve had another one, only this time I could have done this guy’s job!!!

Being the gadget lover that I am and always anxious to try the latest and greatest, I’m forever downloading things I hear about from Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, and from other famous Techies. Whenever they discuss something new that seems pretty good, having tested it first, of course, I’m on the bandwagon right away – especially whenever that “thing” is free. Such was the case when I heard that the new Safari 4 browser was out in Beta (still in the finalizing stages and not quite ready for public release). I didn’t hesitate in downloading the Beta version to give it a try and see what was new. I was pleased with the new stuff that’s been added and have been having fun experimenting with the new doodads. As promised, the new Safari wasn’t disappointing and I’m now anxious for the final version to be released.

As luck would have it. around about this time Bell Internet (“Sympatico“) decided to upgrade and re-design their web pages. The new look was nice – all Web 2.0 and pretty. Naturally I had to re-sign in and toggle around to get to know the new features, but I figured it looked pretty good and was glad to see Bell was finally getting up-to-date with the new Web features. However, I ran into a problem when I couldn’t click on any of the links on our Mail page. Despite the fact that I use Mac mail, I still look into our Sympatico mail box now and again to check for Junk we may want to keep or delete.  At one point while going through some of the Options I was able to get into the Junk file and at least see what was there, but was still unable to open anything.

Reality set in and I had to make that dreaded call to Bell. I managed to get support right away, and once hearing what was needed I was being referred to a “Mac” specialist that would help. India is now becoming a country where I’m getting to know a lot of their residents!!! Daniel was going to be my support guy and relaying the problem for about the third time I knew I was in trouble. Daniel, dear Daniel wasn’t getting it!! What don’t you understand when I say “I can’t click any of the links on the left-hand side of the page“!!! He was puzzled, “Not a problem“, he says. “Is it alright if I take control of your computer so I can understand more of what is going on?“, he asks. Being familiar with the set-up (Log Me In is a well-known program for such a situation) I gave my consent and before you knew it, his little mouse cursor was floating all around our monitor. Searching, searching and searching. Right away I knew – man did I know – that he had no knowledge of a Mac. If he had any knowledge, he would not have asked: “So, where is your Mail?“, as his little cursor goes floating all around our monitor searching on the Safari web page that’s up. If you’re a Mac user, that’s your first hint. Mail is not located on the Safari web page and especially not at the top of your monitor (unless you’ve put it there). The Google search engine is blatantly glaring him in the face and he’s looking for my Mail!!!! My second hint was after he asked how he could get online to my Sympatico page to check it out. Again, any Mac user would recognize the “compass” icon for Safari. After trying to direct him to the right spot, out of sheer frustration, I then took control of my mouse, led him to the Sympatico page where his mouse cursor started to, again, float hither and yon all over. What do you know, he couldn’t click on any of the links on the left-hand side of the page, either!!!!  What were the odds!!!!

He now comes up with the brilliant idea of downloading Internet Explorer onto our machine and after some hesitation, I agreed. I went to a Mac for a reason. I no longer could tolerate Windows and all of the problems that followed. I’ve also never, never, never used Internet Explorer because of the flaws and lack of security and that was the last thing I wanted on my Mac. I now knew he was desperate. After having ME head over to the Microsoft web site and finding the right page, he was now wanting me to download Internet Explorer for Windows!!!! Try as I might, I couldn’t get through to him that it wouldn’t work – it was for WINDOWS!!!! Just to prove him wrong I went ahead, and what do you know IT DIDN’T WORK!!!! He watched as I tried to click on the icon to no avail. With some coaxing I had him go back to the Microsoft web site and look for “Internet Explorer for Mac“, which luckily for me had been moved to another site and probably was no longer available for Mac users.

I’m now getting pissed and Nat could see the frustration in my face as I turned red and brought on a major hot flash!!! This young man was lucky he was in India and I couldn’t get my hands on him!!! He was now beginning to realize that Sympatico was probably not working with the new beta Safari, and thought perhaps I should try downloading another browser, such as Firefox. I knew in my heart of hearts I should have done that in the first place, but my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes. I’ve also had problems in the past whenever Bell decides to make a change to their web page and suddenly something’s not quite compatible with a Mac computer. I should have saved all of the pain, aggravation and frustration and downloaded Firefox in the first place. We all know the end to this story. Once Firefox was up and running I could immediately click on any and all links on the Sympatico page!!! I knew better, I knew better, I knew better!! Sometimes, my head is turned on backwards or upside down and I just go looking for trouble. So the next time you want tech help from “Ma Bell” take a couple of aspirins beforehand, have a huge drink and do it on a day when you’ve got nothing else to do! Otherwise, you’ll end your day with a headache, high blood pressure and low tolerance for all things with the name “Bell” in it!!!!

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