Yuk! I’m Stuck!

With all innocence I went to get the mail yesterday at noon. Dear Hubby was in town on an appointment and I did my duty while he was gone. Besides, my favourite magazine I subscribe to is due in any day, along with some books we ordered, so the trip was necessary. Being a gorgeous day, I donned my cardigan sweater, slipped on my loafers and treaded across the front lawn to the mailbox. Feeling kind of spry, I leaped across the ditch and whoooaaaa, suddenly my right foot and black loafer are knee deep in mud, muck and water. I missed my intended lumpy, stone-chipped target!! Stepping out of the now stuck shoe, laying my bare foot onto the stone chips that line the side of the road, I had to reach into the ditch and with a wee bit of force rescue my Rockport loafer.

Muck, mud and water inside I was left with no choice but to put my foot back into that shoe in order that I could at least re-jump that bloody ditch on my way back to the house. So oooohey, gooooey, my foot went squish and I was no longer bare-footed. I grabbed the mail – no magazine by the way – and with better resolve took a bigger leap across the moat!! I guess I’m not the jumper I use to be because I did it again. Only this time I was leaving a second foot print along with the left shoe!!!  Gee, what were the odds???  Now I’ve evened up the mess on both shoes, but with a bit of luck the left shoe wasn’t filled with mud and water. How nice for me!!!!

What the hell, I was now bare-footed heading back into the house, messy shoes in hand and dripping all over as I run for the laundry room, grabbed some paper towels and lay them down to dry. As I turned around I realized that my right foot was full of mud and muck from stepping back into my shoe and I left a brown muddy footprint from front door to laundry room!!!! It looked like a one-legged intruder had made a path down the hallway! Mud had also made its way up the back of my legs and I was now shower bound!! Naturally this happens after just completing my weekly house cleaning, including mopping the floors!!!

Settling down at the office desk after getting cleaned up  – I’ll do my shoes later when the mud dries – I looked out the window and realized I had forgotten to put down the mailbox flag! Ya think I was going back – not a chance!!! I’ll let Hubby get it when he gets home and after he’s finished laughing!!!


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