What Were We Thinking!

For the longest time, Nat and I have been wanting to visit the big new Rona store in Welland. Today was the day. We had decided last night to take a drive in the morning and go check it out.

As usual, not knowing exactly where the store was, we did advance research. I went online to their web site, found the “Welland” store and made note of the address. I then did a search on Google Maps for directions and printed them out. Looked easy, I thought. Yes, we also have a GPS unit and would use that as our main locator. The Google Map would be the extra guide, just in case. Welland is very unfamiliar to us and we wanted to be sure.

We were up and ready and out the door by 9:30 this morning. Naturally, the address we wanted wasn’t available on the GPS unit yet, but the address that came up seemed close enough; we’d be in the area and would be able to find the store no prob!!! Yeah, right!!!! Getting to Welland was a breeze, but finding the store was a whole other matter. We followed the GPS to the exact spot where it told us to go on Rice Road – thinking that the store would be just down the road. However, we were now in Fonthill – albeit the “Rice Road” end of town!! With well thought-out reasoning, we concluded, we were in the wrong spot, that we missed something along the way, so decided to head back into Welland and start over. Made sense, right? Wrong!!

We arrived back in Welland and this time decided to drive down the opposite half of Rice Road from whence we had just come. Wrong again! Rice Road ended and Prince Charles Drive began and still no sighting of a Rona store. We were now totally confused. A whole lot of good the GPS unit was doing us!! Plus the Google Map was just as wrong! We came to the brilliant conclusion to ask for directions at the corner shop just across the street. What were the odds we picked a clerk that wasn’t from Welland and had no idea where Rona was. How nice!! All of a sudden a jeep pulled up beside us in the parking lot. With more well thought-out reasoning we’d ask him for directions. As luck would have it, he and Nat recognized each other – GM workers – again, what are the odds?? He started to laugh once we asked “where’s the new Rona store?“. “It hasn’t been built yet!!“, he chuckled! Adding “it’s going out by the big new Wal-Mart, but you can go over there if you’d like“.  Funny!! GM humour I guess!!!

By now we were pissed off at ourselves for our stupidity, waste of gas and time. But we both could have sworn there was a new Rona in Welland. Where did we get that information, who told us, or was it just our imaginations and a rumour or two that we misunderstood. There is a new one coming – it’s just not there yet!! The store locator on the Rona web site was for a small local hardware store that Rona had taken over a few years back. What were we thinking!!! What the hell, let’s just go home – it’s close to lunch time!!  Not to be dismissed, Nat had another good thought. As we were approaching “Nigh’s Sweet Shop” in Stevensville, he asked “wanna go in?“. “You have to ask“, I replied!!! Having had a crappy morning and never having been in this well-renowned shop, we felt we at least deserved a good treat. We were pleasantly surprised and fully enveloped by the wonderful smell of chocolate, along with a wonderful array of boxed sets all ready for Easter and any other occasion you could dream up. My God, so much to choose from, so little money?? We managed to put together a little “12 pack” and with some more laughter headed home to eat and stay put for the rest of the day!!!

On a more productive note, the conversion of the record albums is going better than expected. I test drove one of the CDs that were completed while driving into Niagara Falls the other day, and man or man, I was greatly surprised at the quality and sound, plus the fact that it played in the Van’s CD player. I’ve now completed 30 transfers and only have around 150 more albums to go, I can then hit on our tape cassettes and 45’s. What the hell, at least this major project is now started and I’m getting reacquainted with some pretty good old and golden goodies! After today’s outing I’m starting to feel like an old and golden goody myself. Wrap me in a dust jacket and put me back on the shelf!

2 thoughts on “What Were We Thinking!

  1. there is a rona on rice road – you drove right by it, and unless you were very knowledgeable about ronas operations, you wouldn’t realize that a company called Botanex is owned by rona, and is infact the rice road greenhouse – very sorry you did not find what you were looking for – p.s. – the new rona by walmart is still not complete

    1. Mike: Thanks. We found the Rona on Ride Road, but not the one we were looking for. We’re keeping our eye on the new one being built and will go as soon as it’s done.

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