45 Years Later Look What I Found

I have not stepped into a public library for close to 45 years. The library was one of those institutions that never interested me growing up. As a teenager in the 60’s it wasn’t cool to go there. Besides, I wasn’t a big reader during those years – only reading what I had to, to get through school. Once the book report was done, the book gathered dust and was never picked up again.

During those 45 years I have read books, but ones that were purchased at book stores on ‘my own terms’ (ie not a mandatory read). I managed to find a couple of authors I truly enjoyed – F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby), Irwin Shaw (Rich Man Poor Man, Beggarman Thief, Nightwork), P.D. James, Martha Grimesto name a few, along with a few biographies. Of late I’ve also become very interested in socio-economic, political and technology books which tend to keep the old brain cells active and alive. For some unknown reason I have a craving to re-educate myself – maybe because of the times we’re living in (the Bush years [thank God, they’re over!], the economic downturn, the rapidly growing technology field, etc.). The old adage that “knowledge is power” is very true.

Having said all that, everytime Nat and I go into Fort Erie on errands we drive by the local library, and everytime we go flying by their front door I tell myself I should go in and check it out. Well, today we did. We had already passed the building after coming from downtown, and realizing we still had the whole afternoon to ourselves, I made Nat turn the van around and go back. I really wanted to do this thing. And I was glad I did. So after having a nice look around and thinking there’s a lot here both of us could use, I signed up. It’s been so long, that my last membership card was a piece of paper the size of a business card, but now it’s a wholly-modern, slick and new little plastic card that’s the size of a credit card. How cool is that!!!!

I’m excited. I now have somewhere to go if I need solace or quiet time. I can now borrow books, CDs, movies, magazines or even go online with one of their computers, and so much more, and not pay a cent. Again, how cool is that!!! There’s really nowhere else you can go and do that, is there!!! Yes, I know, there are millions upon millions of people out there that already do this, but cut me some slack. I hated reading as a kid, and if it took me 45 years to rediscover the library then so be it. I’ve always done things on my own time!! Besides “back in my day” you couldn’t rent movies or CDs or use the library’s internet service, because they didn’t exist.

As for other things I’ve been up to? At long last, my shopping buddy/sister and I went for lunch yesterday at the Mandarin. This Mandarin restaurant has the (and I do mean “the”) best deep-fried chicken wings I’ve ever had. Huge, crunchy, juicy and just bloody plain Mmmmm good. We ate so much I couldn’t even face supper and Nat already had it half started by the time I got home. I did my level best, but it was a struggle. After enjoying a great meal along with some good chit chat, we then headed over to Niagara Square to drop a few bucks in order to do our part for the economy. I’m afraid I outdid Bonnie in that department, but then I haven’t been clothes shopping for quite some time and it was like Christmas to me, being in a Mall. As always, spending my time with Bonnie is enjoyable and fun. We both wished, however, that our bodies could endure just an additional hour or so now and again. But maybe that’s a good thing – we won’t spend more money that way!!!!


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