All’s Quiet On The Local Front

The month of February is turning out to be a very quiet, uneventful month. Aside from the two dining out experiences – my Birthday and Valentine’s Day – Hubby and I have stayed pretty close to home. So close to home, in fact, that Hubby is now starting to collect dust! Maybe with the turning of a new calendar page in a week’s time, we’ll begin to see a little light at the end of that snow tunnel we’ve been stuck in for the past 4 months.

As always, I’m able to go about puttering around the house, along with attending to a couple of projects I’ve got on the go while Hubby runs errands for me, goes for his daily walks (weather permitting) and tries hard to help whenever he can.

Hubby, however, is now enjoying Tiger Woods PGA ‘o9 for the Wii. He’s also finally managed to get passed the training session – after about 50,000 tries! Along with learning quite a few tips along the way he’s having some pretty good games. Moi on the other hand, and being the geek that I am, did some exploring on the internet. I had originally gone online to see if anyone had posted some hints about getting past the training session and during my explorations, I got a little sidetracked. I just happened upon a couple of sites that gave some tips, hints, cheats and easter eggs for some of the Wii games and I couldn’t help but continue reading on. What a hoot!! I’ve now got some tricks up my sleeves when and if I get to play a couple games with the grandkids!! It was around about this time that Nat finally got passed the training session he was so desperately stuck on. Figures!!

For the past several days we’ve  now started recording our vinyl records onto CDs and so far so good. It took a few swear words to figure out how to “detect” the different tracks on each album, and as always, we came across how to do it by accident. We clicked on the right button at the right time. Now we have to educate ourselves and our “ears” on the decibel levels. We’ve been finding some singers (Jack Jones, for one) with very soft voices, that sometimes one song is showing up as two or three tracks. We can only assume that the we’ve not set the decibel level in the correct position. The CD came out okay, but we may have trouble changing tracks in any stereo unit. So another thing we’ll have to play with and get creative with some new swear words!!

I’m enjoying this project and it’s going to take me some time to get through our pile of vinyl and tape cassettes, but it will certainly re-acquaint Nat and I on what albums we’ve long forgotten we had. This project has also sparked a fabulous idea for a birthday gift on Nat’s side, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Tonight the snow is back on, even though it’s later than forecasted. Thinking this snow storm was going to hit midday today, we went for groceries yesterday, along with completing the rest of our errands. We figured if we were going to be somewhat snowed-in by today at noon, we’d at least be stocked up and wouldn’t have to leave the house. The good old weatherman erred in his predictions – at least for this area – and today was so nice we were quite upset we had nowhere to go in order to enjoy the day. The snow really didn’t begin to hit us until 4:30 p.m. Lesson learned – don’t always believe what you’re told!!


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