In The Right Place At The Right Time!

Along with a gazillion other people in the Niagara Region, one of our daughters has been looking for Wii Fit. She’s looked high and low, hither and yon and has called every possible retail outlet she can think of in order to get this game. Naturally, to no avail, and once the stores were getting restocked she soon discovered the line-ups started before dawn, before the store opened and ended up down the street, around the corner and across the field! (I exaggerate, but you get my drift – the bloody thing was popular). So while making our rounds and visiting everybody yesterday, we were given our marching orders “If you see a Wii Fit you HAVE to get it for us and I’ll pay you back!!!“. Okey, dokey!!!! Nat and I went on our merry way after great visits at both Susan’s and Laura’s, grabbed a great steak supper and settled in for the night.

We awoke this morning with not a lot of things to do, but we managed to fill the day. Being a nice one, Nat decided to finally take down the Christmas tree lights (what little there was) on the house and the umbrella tree out front. I decided to have a wander around Wal-Mart, just to get out and take advantage of what was turning out to be a half decent day. Nat also decided to have a look at the Nero SoundTrax program, as we’re having problems making it detect individual tracks from the albums. He would have peace and quiet and no “but-inskies” from moi. So away I went.

Not having a whole lot to shop for, I decided to take a cart and see what would fall into the cart. Naturally there were a couple of items that I didn’t really need, but fell in anyways. I decided to have a last look around – and remembering Susan’s booming words about the Wii Sport game, I decided to wander back to the electronics department, just out of curiosity. Nothing was spotted right away, the Wii section contained the usual games, but three staff members were lulling around the check-out counter and not paying any attention I wandered right by them without noticing what was on the counter. On my way out, and after they had moved, I noticed a fair-size box on the counter with the Wii Fit logo on it. “No, that can’t be”, I said to myself. “That’s probably just the board that you can use with it”. So I asked the clerk if that was what I thought it was, and it was, and after being told it was the last one, that fair-size box jumped into my cart without hesitation. I then immediately called home to notify the wee hubby what I had just found and have him give Susan the good news.

The funny thing is, while walking around the rest of the store on my way out, I was approached by a young couple that actually wanted to buy it from me, right then and there, even before I checked out.  The husband was going to give me $50.00 extra bucks for it, and soon after that another young man asked me “You sure you want that?”. I’m now thinking “I’ve got something here”.  But I shook it off, stood my ground and headed to the check-out as fast as I could go!!! If you’ve seen that Ikea ad where the woman is yelling “Start the Car” as she’s headed out the door – that was me!!

Needless to say, Susan was ecstatic and will be over tonight to pick it up. Talk about anxious!! I’m going to have to kid her that I’m going to hold the game hostage as I’ve already been offered $50.00 more for it, than it’s actually worth!!! It just goes to show – you have to be in the right place at the right time and good things will come to you!!!!

With a successful shopping trip behind me, I headed home and Nat and I finished off the afternoon trying to figure out Tiger Woods PGA ’09 game. He had previously set up his profile and I wanted to do mine. Needless to say, once we delved further into the different things you can do and achieve in this game, we became more confused. After setting up my profile we began to explore more features and realized we hadn’t even begun to hit everything involved. Whew! This is going to take awhile!! We still can’t get past that “draw” and “fade” thing in the training session, but we’re now beginning to wonder if we have to actually complete our profiles – our style of swing, our degree of accuracy, and set up the fade and draw, etc. So it now looks like we may be going back and forth in order to get everything set up. This will give us plenty to do in the rainy days ahead and we’ll either be pleased with what we’ve accomplished or we’ll be so frustrated, you’ll drive by our house and see two Wii remotes hanging from the umbrella tree where they landed once being flung from the front window!!!

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