The Wii and We

I married a non-gamer – full stop. Except for playing golf in real life, Nat has no interest in any games – cards, bowling, bingo, gaming consoles and the like. So it was much to my surprise that he bought me a Wii for my birthday, and set it up to play on the new 40″ TV, to boot!!!  As for me – well I’ve been a gamer all of my life. I’ll play anything – bowling, cards, bingo, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo DS, etc. Of late I’ve been playing “Anagrams” on Nintendo DS, listening to podcasts on my iPod and keeping one eye on the hockey game. It’s what I call multi-tasking and it’s great fun!! I’ve now succumb to playing the “Anagrams” game while sitting up in bed, instead of reading a good book – of which I have one on the go!!

It was also much to my surprise when Nat suggested that he wouldn’t mind buying the Tiger Woods ’09 golf game. I can only assume he came to this conclusion after we played the little golf game in Wii Sports – a not so challenging game but it at least gets you in the groove of how to play the Wii -along with hearing some of his golf buddies tout the good times they have while playing Tiger’s game. He’s also been hearing the stories from his two children of what family fun they’ve been having with their Wiis. When his girls give him glowing endorsements of anything, somehow his interest is suddenly peaked and he’ll at least try to watch the show they recommend, or taste something new they’ve said was delicious. If this is what it takes for him to try something new, then so be it.

As luck would also have it, while we were on errands the other day, we just happened to drop into the Future Shop and just happened to pick up the last copy of Tiger Woods ’09. And we were off!! Nat is now hooked and is having what appears to be a good time – or so it seems.

Suddenly last evening when there was nothing on television for an hour – and we were up and down that satellite guide 50 times – we decided to slip a disc into the Wii and have a game of bowling. Naturally I kicked his butt, but I’ve played before and I’m just good!! We had a good laugh as we watched our little invisible characters “Nat” and “Pat” approach the alley, swing their arms and toss that bowling ball down the centre line. Nat was tickled to death when he was working on a couple of strikes and spares and his score was going up. Me, on the other hand, knowing nothing about how to keep score, was ever so glad the machine would do it for you. I’ve never been able to figure out scoring in bowling – math was never my forte.

This afternoon we tackled “Tigger” (as I like to call him) and had a great time once we figured out how to get past the training session. We had a round at “Pebble Beach” and Nat later played a game at “St. Andrews”. His game at St. Andrews was so good he was wishing it were real!! It only took us up to the 18th hole to finally figure out how to “spin” the ball. In our defense I don’t think much of the instruction booklet or even the tips on the screen. We may be a little slow sometimes, but we eventually get there, and ended up filling in what was going to be a long, drizzly, rainy, snowy and windy afternoon. Tennis, anyone??


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