Not Bad For Having Nothing To Do

The day started off relatively quiet. Nat had called our plumber guys this past Friday to install the new immersable sump pump motor, and they indicated we would get a call sometime this week when they would be around. Naturally, we assumed the call would come sometime in the middle of the week. We awoke this morning and as is our usual routine, we sit in the living room and stare through the front window hoping that some bolt of lightning is going to come flying in and embed a great wonderous idea as to how to fulfull the next seven or so hours.

As that didn’t happen, I popped up and thought I would get a head start on some cleaning and perhaps continue on with a couple projects I have on the back burner. When lo and behold the phone rang – “What Ho, Dear, someone is thinking of us. Quick, pick it up before they change their minds”. Oh wonder of wonders, it was our plumber guys. They’re coming around shortly this morning and called to make sure we’d be home. Are you kidding, we’re always home!!! (Well, except for Friday morning when a couple of Nat’s friends came by unannounced and just missed Nat heading down the road to Home Depot  – much to Nat’s chagrin – he was sorry he missed them.)

So that solved our little dilemma. Nat would meet and greet the plumber guys, follow their every move, ask a few questions, and in general hang around until the job was done. In the meantime I would putter upstairs with the feather duster and Swiffer sweeper. This way the whole house was covered!!

The plumber guys were here for around an hour and job well done. We no longer hear that “whissssss, whissssssss, brrrrrr,  clunk” echoing up through the living room floor. Ah, silence is golden! Now we sit, we wait and  we watch – for our “mail ladies” to drop by and insert into our mail box the soon to be issued bill. But for now, we’ll enjoy the peace and quiet.

As “the men” were working downstairs I got my chores done, fixed lunch and we were back to square one again – now how do we fulfull this afternoon. Well, as luck would have it, Nat gave me a Wii game console for my birthday and we decided to have a round of golf. Now if you ever want to watch something funny, come by and peek through our windows while the two of us are attempting to figure our how to play the game.  You’ll see two people flailing arms hither and yon, stepping back and forth in front and behind each other, and lips moving up and down in heated discussion – why won’t the swing bar let me have a full swing – why can’t I get out of the rough – how come I keep going in the water – my God, I’m 20 over par!!! Well, you get the idea – and that’s when it hits us – we didn’t take the “Training” session. Being the two smartass golfers that we think we are, we went full throttle into the game and got bashed on the head with a reality check – it’s not the same as real life!!! In the end we figured things out, managed to kill an hour or two and had a lot of laughs. And that was just the golf game. Wait until I get Nat playing bowling or tennis – now that’s where it may get nasty – balls may fly and nets may get smashed. Oh the horror!!

In the end we managed to while away the idle hours that were at hand, managed to get one or two things accomplished and had fun in the process. All in all not a bad day – just a fun day!


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