The Ice Man Cometh

We awoke this morning to ice! “No  kidding”, you might say, thinking that’s not unusual in these cold and frigid days. But this ice was on the inside – along the window sills, along the floor of the patio doors in the kitchen and the little window at the front door. Apparently with the moisture that accumulated over night on the windows (as it usually does), along with the extreme drop in temperature, that moisture just decided to freeze!! How nice of it!!!!!

When we moved into this new old house, we knew that someday the windows would have to be replaced for some reason or another. And within a short period of time they’ve proven us right. Everytime we’re preparing supper – grilled steaks, a pot of boiling pasta or even Nat’s infamous gravy for a tender, juicy pork tenderloin – the windows start to weep, and in every room. We know they’re not weeping because of  the fabulous aromas emanating from our kitchen – that would just be silly!! So we can only conclude that they’ve not been sealed properly or our furnace is just a little too efficient. We purchased a dehumidifier and that’s been working pretty good – when we run the damn thing!! But there have also been times when we knew the inside moisture wasn’t being created because of our activities in the kitchen. It has to be the inside and outside temperatures, cheap windows and bad sealing.

In order to stall for time, we de-iced all windows, mopped up the excess moisture on each and laid towels down in order to catch any further drips. Please, let’s keep the old fingers crossed that we can endure this for a wee while yet – our money tree in the back yard hasn’t bloomed yet!!!

As for the rest of our day, it was spent going our different ways. I wandered around Wal-Mart this morning looking for a basket for my new Wii games and controllers and came home with more than I went for. About par for the course for me, I’d say!! As for Nat, he wandered around Home Depot in the afternoon, looking for a new sump pump motor so we’ll be prepared when we call that Plumber to come and hook it up and get the sump pump in proper working order. We’ve finally had enough of listening to that “hmmmmm, clink, clumk, bump” sound that echos up through the living room floor everytime the damn thing starts up and finishes. We’re going to set it straight – and God knows, we’re going to pay for it!! But, we’re getting back to that “peace of mind” thing I so dearly love to tell Nat. Now, we just have to build up the nerve to call that plumber guy!!!! That money tree in the backyard had better bloom soon!!

While Nat was away I managed to get all of the game consoles organized, along with each of their games, controllers, rechargers, etc. Now when the grandkids or my niece and nephew want to play Nintendo Advance, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo DS, there will be a place for everything and everything in it’s place. And all is neat and orderly in my little world, which makes me very happy. 

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